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New World Sandworm Ascendant: How to Conquer the New Raid Boss Challenge?

Prepare yourselves for an epic battle against the formidable Sandworm raid boss, which has undergone significant changes in New World. This colossal creature has received massive buffs to its mechanics, damage output, and overall health, making the encounter more challenging and engaging. Gone are the days of easily defeating this boss; now, coordination, strategy, and attention to mechanics are paramount to your success. In this guide, we'll explore the various changes that have been implemented, empowering you to conquer this mighty foe.


New World Sandworm Ascendant: How to Conquer the New Raid Boss Challenge?


Discovering the Changes

The changes to the Sandworm raid boss were uncovered through the New World League War event server, which houses an updated version of the patch. Dedicated individuals delved into the game's data, unearthing the new world secrets of the revamped encounter. Let's delve into the specifics of what has been altered.


General Buffs

The first set of changes affects the encounter as a whole. The Sandworm's damage modifier has been increased from 0.25 to 0.45, nearly doubling its damage output. Furthermore, it has received a substantial armour buff, boasting an impressive 5,000 armour when factoring in all the multipliers. In addition, the health of all mobs in the vicinity has been boosted by approximately 50%. The Sandworm itself now boasts a staggering 30 million health, while other ads have received smaller health increases.


Notably, the Twin Guard Self-Awaker Scorpions, which spawn simultaneously, have each been granted around 832,000 health. To further enhance the challenge, the Sandworm's stamina has been increased by 1.5 times. This change affects the ranged phase, where breaking the boss's stamina is crucial. As a consequence, the duration of acid ticking has been adjusted, making it more demanding to survive this phase.


Important Rend & Weaken Changes - New Effect

To address the issue of limited weapon variety in the encounter, the developers have introduced a fascinating adjustment. Rend and Weaken effects are now only 50% effective against the Sandworm, a mechanic known as debuff resilience. This change encourages diversifying your weapon choices, as nearly every weapon rend is now required to reach the rend cap. Moreover, careful planning is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of weakened debuffs. It is evident that the developers intend for this encounter to be challenging, rewarding, coordinated and optimized play.


Acid Pool Buff

While the changes to the acid pools are relatively minor, the affliction effect has been slightly increased. Though this may not significantly impact most players, it's worth noting as it can stack up if left unchecked.


Acid Spew Buff

The Sandworm's acid spew ability has received notable enhancements. The direct hit damage has more than doubled, rising from 0.2 to 0.5. Additionally, the affliction effect has been raised from 0.3 to 1.0. This heightened affliction amplifies the pain inflicted by the acid trail left behind by the Sandworm. It is crucial for the main tank to maintain aggro, as an accidental pull by the off tank could result in severe damage to the DPS group.


Acid Spit Buff

Even ranged players cannot rest easy, as the acid spit ability has also been buffed. The projectile no longer deals direct damage but instead inflicts explosive damage. The damage multiplier has been increased from 0.1 to 0.175, increasing the threat posed by this ability. Blocking the projectile may no longer be an option, necessitating careful positioning to mitigate the explosive damage for nearby players.


Extra Changes

Several other changes have been made to the encounter. The thrust weakness has been reduced to a 10% modifier, down from 20%. Additionally, the timer for mining bombs has been reduced from 15 to 12 seconds, demanding swifter execution from your team.


Sulfurwigs Buff

Unearthed from the game files is evidence of a buff to the Sulfurwigs. While it is unclear if this buff is currently active, these creatures gain proximity damage buffs when in close proximity to each other. This information suggests that keeping the two scorpions apart is crucial, especially considering their increased health pools.


Sandworm Counter Buff: Stormchaser Sword Team-Buff

One standout mechanic that now holds greater importance in the encounter is the sword dropped by shielded Nephilim enemies. Activating this sword provides an empower and acid resistance effect for the player and applies a stacking absorption rend to all targets hit. The absorption rend value has been doubled, potentially allowing for even greater damage against the Sandworm. Its interaction with the Sandworm's modified rend values remains to be fully understood, but it has become an indispensable tool for melee DPS players.


New Abilities

There are hints of new animations that may indicate the introduction of additional attacks by the Sandworm. While the full extent of these new abilities is yet to be discovered, they will likely present new challenges, particularly for melee DPS players.


With these changes in mind, the Sandworm raid boss has transformed into a truly formidable foe. Embrace the challenge, gather a coordinated group, and develop strategies to overcome the enhanced mechanics, buffs, and increased health pool. This raid promises to deliver an intense and rewarding experience for those who dare to face the gargantuan Sandworm.



The Sandworm raid boss has undergone a monumental transformation, receiving substantial buffs and new mechanics that have revitalized the fight. So rally your allies, study the updated mechanics, and develop new strategies to conquer the revamped Sandworm raid boss. The challenges ahead are daunting, but the rewards that await those who emerge victorious are worth the effort.  

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