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PoE Crafting Guide: How to Craft a Crucible Bow with Unique Mods

In Path of Exile, the possibilities for crafting unique and powerful items are endless. Recently, a particular bow has gained significant attention due to its unusual but highly effective combination of universal mods. This guide will delve into the details of crafting this sought-after Crucible Bow and explain why it has become a game-changer in the Path of Exile community.



PoE Crafting Guide: How to Craft a Crucible Bow with Unique Mods


Understanding the Crucible Bow

The Crucible Bow that has caught the attention of many players boasts three crucial mods: Global Damage, Critical Strike Multiplier, and Flask Charges. However, the real surprise lies in the fourth mod: Non-Aura Vaal Skills Require 40 Reduced Souls per Use. When combined with the other mods, this seemingly straightforward bow becomes an exceptional tool, surpassing all other magical fighting options available in the game.



Research and Discovery

The journey to uncover the secrets of the Crucible Bow began when players started commissioning its creation. A dedicated individual named Muir shared their findings on the Path of Exile website, revealing the potential of using Vaal skills on an entirely new level. This revelation prompted a wave of interest and exploration, with players quickly realizing the immense power and potential behind this unique bow.


Acquiring the Crucible Bow

To obtain the Crucible Bow, you will need to secure a base with the desired mods. It's important to note that finding the bow itself can be challenging, as there are limited options available in the market. A select few players may farm and sell these bows, but their numbers are limited. Therefore, it's advisable to act swiftly if you wish to acquire one.


Farming Strategies

To increase your chances of finding the Crucible Bow, you need to focus on a specific farming strategy. One effective approach involves using an Atlas Compass or a Charge Compass with the modifier Your Maps have a 50% chance to contain The Gift of the Red Queen. By combining this compass with the appropriate Azurite Fragments and running maps with a desired layout, such as Wasteland, Underground Sea, or Strand, you can increase your chances of encountering the Val Reliquary.


The Val Reliquary Encounter

Once you encounter the Val Reliquary in a map, open the chest and defeat the spawned enemies. This encounter has the potential to drop various valuable items, including corrupted Viridian Jewels. However, the main objective is to find items with the of the Underground mod. These items, especially bows, claws, one-handed weapons, and shields, possess significant value and can be sold to players in standard leagues.


Crafting the Crucible Bow

Crafting the Crucible Bow involves synthesizing the desired mods onto a base. It is essential to imprint the base and use the Harvest benchcraft to increase the chances of synthesizing the mods. If the synthesis process is successful, you will obtain the coveted Crucible Bow. In case of failure, you can revert to the imprinted base and repeat the process until you achieve the desired result.



The Crucible Bow has emerged as a game-changing item in Path of Exile, offering unparalleled power and versatility through its unique combination of mods. Although acquiring this bow may require persistence and a bit of luck, the rewards are worth the effort. If you're interested in experimenting with niche crafting strategies and obtaining this exceptional weapon, follow the farming strategies outlined in this guide. Good luck on your journey to master the Crucible Bow and uncover its true potential!

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