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New World on Steam Sale: Is it Worth Your Time and Money?

If you've had your eye on New World, now is the perfect time to seize the opportunity during the current Steam sale, offering a substantial 60% discount. New World has undergone remarkable enhancements since its initial launch, shedding its beta-like feel. However, the pivotal question remains: Is it truly worth your investment of time and money? This guide will meticulously examine the game's pros and cons, evaluate its PvP and PvE facets, and provide you with a comprehensive assessment. 



New World on Steam Sale: Is it Worth Your Time and Money?


Enhanced Leveling Experience

The leveling experience in New World has undergone transformative improvements. Early questing has been reworked to provide more engaging storytelling and pacing, substantially reducing aimless wandering. Furthermore, the speed of levelling has been amplified, and XP rewards, especially from quests, have been significantly enhanced. You now possess the liberty to level at your own pace, liberated from the constraints of specific zones based on your character's level.


Trade skills and professions have also received a substantial upgrade, rendering the process of levelling them far more enjoyable. Crafting various New World items and gathering diverse resources now yield gratifying rewards. Notably, the game's world exploration stands out, characterized by exquisitely designed environments and immersive soundscapes that accentuate the gathering experience.


Monetization Insights

Notably, New World is devoid of any obligatory additional fees or monthly subscriptions. Optional features available for purchase are non-essential for progression. Cosmetic skins can be procured from the shop to personalize your character's appearance, although these remain purely elective, as every armour set in the game boasts its distinctive design.


While the premium version of the season pass is available for supplementary rewards, it does not confer significant advantages in terms of progression or PvP prowess. Gear sets stand as the only elements that provide convenience in swiftly adapting to different loadouts. However, it's important to note that the developers are currently revising the gear system, which is expected to diminish the significance of gear sets in the future. All in all, New World embraces a moderate monetization approach, though some players might find the monetization of gear sets to be an acquired taste.


Pros of New World

  • The PvP and combat systems stand out as captivating and are widely acknowledged as the game's premier strengths.
  • The mechanics underpinning trade skills and resource gathering offer a deeply satisfying and immersive experience.
  • The game's world design is a visual marvel, contributing significantly to the overall delight of the gameplay.
  • The developers consistently provide updates through the season system, incorporating major updates every quarter alongside routine balance adjustments. Notably, the development team maintains an open line of communication with the player community.


Average Features

The PvE dimension of the New World occupies a middle ground. While it is satisfactory, some players might find it less rewarding, with the combat experience potentially falling short of the exhilaration offered by PvP. It's important to note that improvements aimed at enhancing the PvE experience are slated for introduction in forthcoming updates, including the expansion.


Areas Requiring Improvement

  • The array of PvP modes, especially at level 60, might be monotonous. The incorporation of additional modes could inject renewed excitement and variety into the end-game PvP experience.
  • Game performance, particularly in PvP scenarios, may leave room for improvement, especially for players with less powerful CPUs.
  • Certain aspects of the game, such as invasions and corruption portals, have yet to undergo a comprehensive overhaul since launch. Consequently, they might appear slightly less polished compared to other, more updated game elements.
  • The housing system, though present, may feel neglected and lacking in depth when juxtaposed with other features.
  • Access to high-level gear and best-in-slot items could pose issues in both PvE and PvP scenarios. Yet, it's worth noting that future updates, including the expansion, are anticipated to bring about improvements and changes in this regard.


Guidance for New Players Prior to the Expansion

As a new player, there are several prudent steps you can take to optimize your New World experience before the expansion:


Embrace the levelling journey Immerse yourself in the exquisitely crafted world, partake in quests featuring enriched storytelling, and gradually advance your character. Engage wholeheartedly with the immersive trade skills and resource-gathering mechanics.
Indulge in PvP and combat New World's PvP and combat systems are lauded highlights. Engage in large-scale PvP activities like outpost rush and wars, in addition to spontaneous open-world PvP confrontations. Put your skills to the test and savour the intensity of the battles.
Embrace the season system Regular updates and modifications are introduced via the season system. Leverage the associated rewards and immerse yourself in the seasonal content. Stay vigilant for updates and announcements disseminated by the development team.
Foster community connections Join the vibrant New World community, actively participating in discussions, forums, and social media platforms. Learn from seasoned players, share your own experiences, and remain up-to-date with the latest developments.
Explore diverse playstyles New World offers a plethora of playstyles, encompassing a range of weapon combinations and builds. Dedicate time to experimentation, uncovering the playstyle that resonates most profoundly with you.
Prepare for the expansion Keep abreast of the forthcoming expansion and the transformative changes it's set to introduce. Keep an eye out for developer announcements, trailers, and patch notes to glean insights into what lies ahead. Consider stockpiling resources and priming your character for the impending new content.



It's important to recognize that the New World is in a perpetual state of evolution, consistently introducing updates and enhancements. While certain areas might require further refinement, the game presents a distinctive and enjoyable experience for countless players. Ultimately, the decision to embrace New World should be aligned with your personal preferences and priorities. As the game continues to evolve, seize the moment to explore its vast landscapes and engaging gameplay before the arrival of the expansion.

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