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New World Season 2: Blood of the Sands - Unveiling Uncharted Adventures!

New World Season 2: Blood of the Sands introduces exciting changes and updates, including a new Twitch drop, engaging story content, powerful Sandrum gear, a fresh season pass with exclusive rewards, challenging raids, PvP track improvements, raid group settings, weapon balancing, and various quality of life enhancements. Dive into the new season and experience the thrilling adventures that await you in Aeternum!


New World Season 2: Blood of the Sands - Unveiling Uncharted Adventures!


New Twitch Drop

There is a new skin available on Twitch that you can obtain by watching streams with the drop enabled. Make sure to check it out and claim your reward.


Season Story and Sandrum Gear

Experience the new season's story content, which offers engaging quests and rewards. Completing the story will grant you access to powerful Sandrum gear, so take advantage of this opportunity.


Season Pass and Journey

Season 2 introduces a new season pass with a fresh set of rewards. Progress through the season journey and unlock New World exclusive items, including transmog tokens, which are available even on the free track. Keep an eye out for the mid-season update that will bring additional content, including transmog.


Elite Trial and Hatchery Raid

Season 2 introduces two exciting raid experiences. The 20-man raid called Arena of Shanesh offers challenging content for highly skilled players. Additionally, there's the Hatchery, a 10-man raid that provides a slightly easier but still engaging experience. Be sure to try both raids and obtain powerful rewards, such as the new Hot Run drop.


PvP Track Update

The PvP track receives significant improvements with better rewards. If you enjoy PvP content, make sure to check out the updated rewards and progress through the track to earn exclusive items. A new Arena map is also mentioned, providing fresh gameplay opportunities.


Raid Groups and OPR Changes

A new raid group setting is introduced, which benefits both PvE and Outpost Rush (OPR) content. You can now see all players on the map during OPR, and cross-world OPR is also available, allowing you to encounter players from different servers. Note that the first light zone has been temporarily removed to make way for expansion.


3D Arenas and Quest Fixes

Season 2 brings a new 3D Arena map, enhancing the Arena experience. Various quest fixes and improvements have been made, ensuring smoother gameplay and progression.


Weapon Balancing

Several weapons receive adjustments and improvements in Season 2. Here are some notable changes:

  • Great Axe: Blocking stamina has been adjusted, reducing the stamina gain and increasing the stamina cost.
  • Ice Gauntlet: Ice Pylon is now destroyed only when the Ice Gauntlet is fully unequipped, not during weapon swaps.
  • Musket: PowerShot and Powder Burn no longer require a dedicated reload, allowing for smoother gameplay.
  • Sword and Shield: Several abilities, such as Whirling Blade and Reverse Step, have been improved with faster animations, increased hitbox sizes, and better functionality.
  • Void Gauntlet, Life Staff, and Rapier Changes: The Void Gauntlet, Life Staff, and Rapier receive various adjustments and fixes to improve gameplay balance and mechanics. Make sure to check the specific changes for each weapon to optimize your playstyle.

Remember, this guide provides a summary of the major changes in New World Season 2: Blood of the Sands. For more detailed information and to stay up-to-date with future updates, refer to official patch notes and developer announcements. Enjoy your adventures in Aeternum!


Thunder Ability Change

The Thunder ability now applies against targets with a bleed condition instead of using the previous radius or distance mechanic. This change might impact the use of Thunder in PvP, but the overall buffs to other abilities compensate for it.


Invigorated Punishment

The Invigorated Punishment perk will now only apply to abilities, which brings it in line with the previous patch. This change helps balance the gameplay mechanics.


Sporting Strikes on Void Gauntlets

You can now roll the Sporting Strikes perk on Void Gauntlets. This provides more versatility in your build and playstyle.


Fixes and Adjustments

Various fixes have been implemented, such as addressing issues with empowered perks and amulet effects. The overall goal is to ensure that perks and abilities work as intended and enhance the gameplay experience.


Invasion Overhaul

Invasions now have a 10-minute preparation phase before the battle starts, and the total wave time has been reduced to 25 minutes. The earlier waves have been made more challenging to provide a smoother difficulty curve throughout the invasion. However, some players might find the shorter overall duration inconvenient.


Outpost Rush Festival Fixes

Numerous fixes have been applied to Outpost Rush, including increased defensive and offensive capabilities for siege weapons, changes to the corrupted portal event, and new ways to obtain summons from various mobs. The goal is to improve the gameplay experience and offer more engaging content.


PvP Updates

Open-world PvP now offers more consistent PvP XP and Asov Shard gains. PvP loot drops have been introduced, including PvP-focused gear buckets and crafting replicas that can be obtained from open-world PvP activities. The faction store items have also undergone significant changes, improving their usefulness.


New Weapons and Armor

Season 2 introduces new weapons and armor sets. The armor sets are tailored to Constitution builds, but they can be customized to suit different playstyles. Prices and level requirements for these items have been adjusted to maintain balance.


Faction Ranks and Rewards

Each faction's unique rank 5 armor pieces now have corresponding skins available for purchase. Additionally, gathering tools have been added to rank 1, allowing players to craft major trophies and ultimate trophies. Faction vendors now offer new materials for crafting, which can be obtained using faction tokens at Rank 4 and 5.


Arena Rotation

The new Arena will be on a two-week rotation, offering different rewards. The first arena completion rewards players with an extra weapon or armor piece. This provides an incentive to participate in Arena activities.


Crafting and Gypsum Changes

Crafting gypsum casts now guarantees a legendary item, but it requires 5 gypsum casts and 1,000 umbral shots. The perks applied to gypsum cast gear have been optimized based on item stats. This change aims to enhance the crafting experience and increase the value of gypsum casts.


Fishing Updates

Fishing has received several changes, including adjustments to bait, new fish types, the addition of premium bait, and the inclusion of rare treasures in fishing spots. These changes aim to make fishing more rewarding and enjoyable.


Quality of Life Improvements

The update brings map filters, a search function for perks and gems in the inventory, the ability to choose roles within a group, and other general quality of life enhancements. These changes enhance the overall gameplay experience and make it more convenient for players.


Known Issues

The update addresses various known issues, including missing achievements and online friends not refreshing properly. It also acknowledges specific issues, such as long loading times when entering or exiting the egg chamber during the Empty Nest quest.


Please note that this guide is based on the provided text and may not cover all aspects of New World Season 2. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, refer to official sources and the game's patch notes.



Season 2 of New World introduces numerous changes and updates to enhance the gameplay experience. Whether you're focused on PvE, PvP, crafting, or exploration, there's something for everyone in this new season. Stay updated with the latest patch notes, and enjoy the new content!

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