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New World Sandworm 20-Person Raid Boss: How to beat it in Season 2?

In this guide, we will provide you with strategies and tips to defeat the Sandworm Raid, the toughest boss in New World. This 20-person raid boss is part of the Season 2 update and offers a challenging and rewarding experience. We will cover the location, recommended gear, group composition, fight mechanics, and consumables to help you succeed in this raid.



New World Sandworm 20-Person Raid Boss: How to beat it in Season 2?


Finding the Sandworm

To locate the Sandworm, head to the Warm Sign Obelisk in the bottom left of Brimstone Sands. The entrance to the raid can be found here. Look for the entrance on the front side, as the back side is inaccessible.


Recommended Gear

Gear up with the following recommendations to make the fight easier:

  • Beast Ward gear: Wear Beast Ward armour pieces to gain damage absorption against beasts. Aim for a full set of five pieces to maximize damage reduction.
  • Beast Bane weapon enchantment: Use Beast Bane on your weapons to deal extra damage to beasts.
  • Combat Trophies: Place Major Wildlife Combat Trophies and Angry Earth Trophies in your house to gain additional damage bonuses against beasts and Angry Earth enemies.
  • Chitin Padding: Insert Chitin Padding gems into your armour to increase acid resistance, as many mechanics in the raid revolve around acid damage.
  • Strike Damage Absorption: Use Strike Protection gems on your amulet and jewellery to mitigate strike damage from the Sandworm's attacks.
  • Consumables: Pop-appropriate stat-boosting food, health potions, mana potions, regen potions, and honing stones to maximize your effectiveness in the fight. Consider using Acid Tinctures to remove the acid burn affliction and Powerful Incense for increased resistance against acid burns.


Group Composition

Form your raid group with the following composition:

  • 2-4 Tanks: Assign 2-4 tanks to handle the aggro and tanking responsibilities.
  • 4 Healers: Have 4 healers to ensure sufficient healing coverage.
  • DPS Players: Fill the remaining slots with DPS players. Aim to have at least 4 ranged DPS for optimal damage output.


Fight Mechanics

  • Lights Mechanic: The most important mechanic in the fight. Activate the lights by having four players step on the corresponding platforms simultaneously. Assign a shot caller to call out the colours in the correct order. Maintain the buff gained from activating the lights to deal bonus damage to shields throughout the fight.
  • Snot Balls (Acid Balls): Shoot down acid balls before they hit the ground to prevent acid pools. Ranged players should be vigilant in clearing these balls to minimize damage.
  • Acid Line Attack: Tanks should position themselves far left or far right to move the acid line attack away from the raid. Avoid standing in acid pools left by the attack.
  • Goldie Boys: Engage the goldie boys by activating the lights correctly to remove their shields. Tanks should grab the aggro and keep them separated.
  • Scorpion Phase: When the Sandworm becomes invulnerable, defeat the two scorpions that spawn on the left and right sides. Tanks should quickly grab aggro, and DPS players need to avoid the acid clouds at the back of the ramps.
  • Eggs: Eggs will periodically be flung into the arena. Mine them immediately to avoid explosive damage. Stay away from the stairs to prevent acid pool buildup.
  • Sandworm Heavy Attack: Stay close to the Sandworm's main body to avoid the heavy strike attack. Dodge or move away to prevent damage.



  • Activate lights correctly to gain shield damage buff.
  • Clear snot balls (acid balls) from the air to prevent acid pools.
  • Tanks should position themselves far left or far right during acid line attacks.
  • Defeat goldie boys by activating lights correctly and keeping them separated.
  • Defeat scorpions during their phase and avoid acid clouds at the back of ramps.
  • Mine eggs to prevent explosive damage.
  • Avoid Sandworm's heavy strike attack by staying close or dodging.
  • Use recommended consumables, including Acid Tinctures, Powerful Incense, and appropriate stat-boosting food, potions, and honing stones.



Mastering the mechanics and coordinating with your raid group is essential to defeating the Sandworm Raid in New World. With the right New World gear, group composition, and strategy, you can overcome this challenging encounter. Good luck, and may victory be yours!

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