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NBA 2K24 Takeover System: Community Suggestions, New Gameplay, Skills and Attributes

NBA 2K24 is set to introduce a new takeover system that aims to enhance gameplay and address certain issues. This article explores the proposed changes and improvements suggested by NBA 2K community, focusing on the concept of takeovers based on specific skills and attributes. Additionally, we discuss the potential impact of these changes on the overall gameplay experience.


NBA 2K24 Takeover System: Community Suggestions, New Gameplay, Skills and Attributes


Skill-based Takeovers

One of the major criticisms of the current takeover system in NBA 2K is that players can activate takeovers without actively utilizing the associated skills. The community suggests that takeovers should be earned by consistently utilizing specific skills and attributes throughout the game. For example, a player who frequently performs hop steps, euro steps, and advanced gathers should have a takeover that enhances their finishing abilities.


Diverse Takeover Options

To further enhance the skill-based takeover system, NBA 2K24 should consider introducing a wider range of takeovers that correspond to various player moves. These could include specific takeovers for shimmy shots, step-backs, blow-by moves, ankle breakers, and more. By expanding the repertoire of takeovers, players will have more strategic options that align with their preferred playstyle.


Badge Correlation

To ensure a cohesive gameplay experience, the new takeover system should be closely tied to player badges. This means that activating certain takeovers would require the player to equip and effectively use relevant badges. For example, utilizing the ankle breaker badge frequently and successfully would be necessary to activate the ankle breaker takeover.


Realistic Impact

The proposed changes aim to align NBA 2K24 with a more realistic gameplay experience. Fatigue and player stamina, for instance, should influence the effectiveness of certain moves and shots. When a player's energy is low, their shooting accuracy and range may be negatively affected, mirroring the real-life impact of fatigue on performance. This would add a layer of strategy and immersion to the game.


Balanced and Competitive Gameplay

By implementing skill-based takeovers, NBA 2K24 can promote balanced and competitive gameplay. Players will need to actively engage in various skills and strategies to earn and activate takeovers, rather than relying on exploitative tactics or repetitive plays. This will create a more dynamic and engaging experience for both casual and competitive players.



NBA 2K24's new takeover system and proposed gameplay changes have the potential to revolutionize the way players engage with the game. By implementing skill-based takeovers, introducing diverse takeover options, correlating takeovers with badges, and emphasizing realism, the developers can deliver a more immersive and satisfying basketball experience. These changes aim to enhance balance and competitiveness while rewarding players for their skills and strategic play. As the game evolves, it will be exciting to see how these proposed changes are implemented and their impact on the NBA 2K community.

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