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3 Secret to Make Massive Coins in New World PVP

In the New World, the realm of Aeternum presents countless opportunities to amass wealth. PvP enthusiasts can now harness their passion for combat to make substantial gold through various channels. This guide outlines three main avenues for PvP players to earn gold: Outpost Rush, Open World PvP, and War Patterns. Whether you're a seasoned PvPer or just starting your journey, this guide will provide you with the insights you need to bolster your coffers.


3 Secret to Make Massive Coins in New World PVP


1. Outpost Rush Patterns

Outpost Rush, a thrilling 20v20 battle mode, offers not only the joy of combat but also tangible rewards that can turn into gold. Upon completing an Outpost Rush, players have a chance to obtain valuable patterns, which are items used in crafting. These patterns closely resemble Timeless Shards, but they come with unique attributes and potential crafting perks.


  • Understanding Outpost Rush Patterns: These patterns can be found in your rewards after completing an Outpost Rush. The patterns might not be clearly visible when opening chests, so you'll need to check your rewards carefully. The patterns resemble Timeless Shards but are instead patterns for plate gauntlets, imbued with various default perks. These patterns can be crafted using standard crafting materials, and they have the potential to fetch a high price on the market.
  • Crafting and Perks: Depending on the pattern you acquire, you can craft plate gauntlets with unique perks. You'll need crafting materials and a crafting mod if you want specific attributes or perks. The value of these crafted gauntlets can vary, and some may fetch higher prices than others. Resilient is a common default perk, but other patterns might yield more specialized perks that cater to different playstyles.


2. Brutish Gear and Banner Fragments

Brutish Gear, a type of PvP-centric replica gear, offers another path to profit. Crafters can create this gear by using specific patterns and banner fragments obtained from open-world PvP encounters. Here's how you can capitalize on this opportunity:


  • Collecting Banner Fragments: Banner fragments are essential for crafting Brutish Gear. These fragments drop exclusively in open-world PvP, making them a valuable commodity. Engage in open-world PvP activities to accumulate these fragments, which can later be sold on the market for a reasonable sum.
  • Crafting Brutish Gear: Crafting Brutish Gear involves using patterns and banner fragments. These gear pieces are known for their PvP-focused attributes and perks, catering to those who seek an edge in player-versus-player combat. Crafters can sell these gear pieces to players looking to optimize their PvP performance.


3. War Patterns and Transmog Opportunities

Engaging in Wars, epic battles between factions, not only grants fame and glory but also rewards you with patterns that hold immense value. These patterns can be used to craft gear with distinct appearances, offering both utility and aesthetic appeal.


  • War Patterns and Their Value: Participating in Wars can reward you with valuable patterns that are in high demand due to their distinctive appearances. Some players are willing to pay a premium for these patterns for the purpose of transmogrification. Consider holding onto these patterns and selling them to players who want to enhance their visual style.
  • Transmog Market Potential: Patterns obtained from Wars hold the potential for significant profit through transmogrification. Players often seek unique appearances to stand out in battles and the community. Evaluate the market for patterns that are in high demand, and you may find a lucrative opportunity to sell these patterns for a substantial amount of gold.



In the world of New World, PvP enthusiasts can capitalize on various opportunities to generate significant gold. Outpost Rush patterns, Brutish Gear, and War patterns all offer avenues to create wealth while indulging in your love for player-versus-player combat. Whether you choose to craft, sell, or engage in open-world PvP encounters, the gold-making potential in PvP is boundless. Keep an eye on the shifting market trends and player preferences to make the most of these opportunities. As Aeternum's battles rage on, so too can your journey to financial prosperity.

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