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New World Fishing Revolution: Simple and Rewarding Strategies for Massive Coins

New World Fishing has undergone some changes in Season 2, especially Target fishing, making it more straightforward and rewarding than ever before. In this guide, we're diving into the exciting changes that Season 2 PTR has brought to fishing, and then we'll discuss an amazing new way to make a significant amount of New World Coins while reducing stress and levelling your furniture skills.  So, let's dive in and discover the secrets to making some serious Coins!


New World Fishing Revolution: Simple and Rewarding Strategies for Massive Coins


Overview of Season 2 PTR Changes

Season 2 has introduced a long-awaited overhaul to fishing in the New World, catering to both avid fishermen and those just dipping their toes into this profession. Let's start by briefly going over the key changes highlighted in the patch notes:


Bait Effects Rework All baits' effects have been changed. They now only affect Rarity and have been rebalanced for usability. Some baits are now only effective at certain times of the day.
Legendary Bait Expansion Legendary bait not only catches Salmon but also the new "Fat Salmon." Legendary fish now have a broader distribution across the map, making them accessible from various locations.
Fish Redistribution Due to the temporary removal of the First Light area, many fish have been redistributed across Eternum, ensuring that players can still catch their favourite fish without unnecessary rarity issues.


New Fishing Loot Table

One of the most exciting changes is the introduction of a completely revamped fishing loot table. This loot table revolutionizes the rewards you receive while fishing. Here's a breakdown of the new chests you can expect:


  • Fishing Treasure Chest Fresh: Contains gems, gold bars, and other familiar items.
  • Fishing Treasure Chest Tier 2: Provides salvageable boots, which can yield leather and potentially a new special item.
  • Fishing Treasure Chest Tier 2 Provisions: Presents a crate of rare food items, offering a variety of consumables.
  • Fishing Treasure Chest Pigment Tier 3: Includes an array of mixed pigments for various crafting purposes.
  • Fishing Treasure Chest Moat Tier 3: Offers a selection of moats.
  • Fishing Treasure Chest Gear Tier 3: This is the jackpot crate! It contains new fishing gear with random rolls, ranging from tier 3 to tier 4, and gear scores up to 590. The perks of this gear are tailored to fishing, allowing you to build unique fishing-focused setups.


New Baits

The heart of the fishing rework lies in the new baits introduced in Season 2 PTR. Let's dive into the details:


  • Premium Bread Bait: Provides a massive 15,000 bonus to fishing line strength.
  • Premium Cheese Bait: Offers a similar bonus to line strength as bread bait.
  • Premium Fish Bait: Grants a substantial increase in the size of the fish you catch.
  • Premium Meat Bait: Like fish bait, it enhances the size of your catch.


These new baits have introduced a whole new dimension to fishing strategies. They allow you to target legendary fish specifically, even in one-star hotspots, which was previously impossible. The increased size bonus and line strength provided by these baits truly change the game, enabling you to catch legendary fish more reliably.


Legendary Bait and the Rise of Fat Salmon

Legendary bait now goes beyond just catching Salmon. It also offers a chance to catch Fat Salmon, which can be found throughout Eternum. These Fat Salmon have a guaranteed Roe roll when salvaged, significantly impacting the availability of Roe. This, in turn, opens up possibilities for using Roe-based crafting items without hesitation.


Closing Thoughts

The changes introduced in Season 2 of PTR's fishing rework are nothing short of impressive. From the redesigned loot table to the game-changing new baits, fishing in New World has never been this exciting. As the PTR evolves into the live version, stay tuned for updates and potential adjustments to these changes. In the meantime, consider optimizing your fishing setup and strategy to make the most out of these improvements.

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