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Guild Wars 2 Secrets of The Obscure Confirm Details: Relics, New Customization and Interactivity

Guild Wars 2 players, prepare yourselves for a thrilling new adventure as ArenaNet introduces the game's fourth expansion: Secrets of the Obscure. With a shift towards a slightly more mature horror tone and an emphasis on faster, consistent updates, this expansion promises to shake up expectations and immerse players in a world of mystery and danger. Let's dive into the major features, updates, and changes coming with this exciting expansion.


Guild Wars 2 Secrets of The Obscure Confirm Details: Relics, New Customization and Interactivity


Storyline: A Long-Standing Mystery Unveiled

With the conclusion of the Dragon Saga after a decade, Secrets of the Obscure takes players in a new narrative direction. The focus now turns to the enigmatic Wizards Tower, an eerily floating castle in Kazakhst Hills that has perplexed players since the game's launch. Through teasers and trailers, it's revealed that the tower has been mysteriously transported to a new location under unsettling circumstances.


Players can anticipate a deep exploration of the Wizards Tower, including its inhabitants and the new allies known as the astral Ward. The storyline will involve uncovering the secrets and horrors of the cryptus, a demonic Army attempting to breach the Mists and wreak havoc on Tyria.


New Zones: Skywatch Archipelago and Amnitas

Secrets of the Obscure introduces two new zones, and possibly three, considering the role of the Wizards Tower as a hub. The Skywatch Archipelago is a chain of floating islands reminiscent of familiar locations like Kantha, Alona, and the Maguma Jungle. This zone promises to provide a mix of familiar elements with fresh twists.


Beneath the planet's atmosphere lies Amnitas, home to the Wizards court and the astral Ward. This society faces corruption from the cryptus, which seeks to infiltrate Tyria from The Mists. The intricate interplay between these zones and their inhabitants will form the backdrop for players' adventures.


Gameplay: Unleashing New Mechanics

Unlocking restrictions on professions takes center stage in the expansion. Traditionally, professions had a limited pool of core weapons, with some locked behind elite specializations. Secrets of the Obscure is changing this dynamic by introducing weapon Mastery, allowing players to unlock elite specialization weapons for their entire profession. This means more versatile weapon choices, enabling unique builds.


Moreover, the expansion introduces new weapons for each profession through quarterly updates. This broadens gameplay possibilities and empowers players to experiment with fresh strategies and playstyles.


Runes and Relics: Enhanced Customization

The rune system is evolving, separating stat boosts and special effects. Runes will focus solely on boosting stats, while a new system called relics, unlocked at level 60, lets players add special effects to their characters. This change provides greater customization and flexibility in building characters.


Masteries: Heart of the Obscure

The Heart of the Obscure Mastery serves as a powerful tool in this expansion. It unlocks secret locations chests and aids players in facing the threat of the cryptus. This Mastery enhances gameplay by offering diverse ways to engage with the world and uncover its mysteries.


Rewards and Progression: The Wizard's Vault

Guild Wars 2 introduces a unique reward system called the Wizard's Vault. Although resembling a battle pass, it's not tied to monetization and emphasizes ownership of the expansion. Players earn rewards by completing dailies, weeklies, and unique objectives. Guild Wars 2 currency earned is used to unlock rewards, which include skins and items. The system's focus on rewarding players for playing the game they enjoy without any predatory monetization is a refreshing approach.


Endgame Content: Strikes and Fractals

Endgame content remains a vital part of the expansion. Secrets of the Obscure launches with two strike missions, with additional quarterly updates introducing a new fractal and challenge modes for both strikes and the new fractal. This ensures a steady stream of challenging content for players seeking high-level engagements.


Legendary Armor and More

One of the expansion's standout features is the introduction of widely obtainable legendary armour. This allows players to acquire legendary gear through open-world gameplay, providing a more accessible path to this coveted equipment. Additionally, a system known as the Wizards Vault further enhances progression and rewards without relying on monetization.


Secrets of the Obscure Roadmap

New Expansion and Roadmap
  • ArenaNet has announced a new expansion for Guild Wars 2, titled "Secrets of the Obscure."
  • They have also released a full roadmap for the entire year, detailing upcoming content drops.
Communication Improvement
  • The expansion announcement and roadmap represent a new era of communication for Guild Wars 2.
  • ArenaNet is committed to providing consistent and regular content updates.
Content Release Cadence
  • The expansion is available now, introducing a new story, three maps (Skywatch Archipelago, Amethyst, and Outpost), and more.
  • The roadmap includes three quarterly updates, each adding major content, followed by the release of the next expansion.
Expansion Features
  • Expansion features include new story content, maps, strike missions (Cosmic Observatory, Temple of Phoebe), and weapon master training.
  • A new Mastery line includes Heart of the Obscure research, Flight Training, and Astral Ward.
Gameplay Enhancements
  • The Wizard's Vault is introduced with a new daily system, replacing traditional dailies. This system offers various rewards.
  • Two new armour sets, Rift Hunter and Astral Ward, are introduced. Players need them to unlock legendary armour.
Relics and Tiered Armor
  • Relics are introduced, replacing the sixth bonus on runes. They offer vertical progression and are essential for character development.
  • Rift hunting involves defeating legendary enemies for rewards and upgrading armour sets.
Update 1
  • The first update brings more story content, a new map, and a strike mission challenge mode.
  • A new Mastery line is introduced, with details to come.
Update 2
  • The second update introduces legendary armour and new weapon proficiencies for each profession.
  • A refresh of the Wizard's Vault provides new rewards, and a new armour set is added.
Update 3
  • The third update completes the expansion cycle with more story content and a completed map.
  • New legendary enemies are introduced, and maps are added to the rotation for convergence events.
Bonus Events and Anniversaries
  • Bonus events are being brought back, similar to those introduced after the Guild Wars 2 Ender Dragons event.
  • Anniversary events are also part of the roadmap.


Conclusion: A New Era of Adventure

Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure invites players into a world of mystery, horror, and adventure. With a fresh narrative direction, new zones, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and player-friendly reward systems, this expansion promises to redefine the Guild Wars 2 experience. Whether you're a veteran player or a newcomer, now is the perfect time to embark on this thrilling journey. Pre-order the expansion to secure exclusive items and dive into a realm of magic, danger, and secrets.

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