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New World Faction Tokens: 3 Most Effective Methods To Farming, 2023

Welcome, fellow adventurers, to our guide on the three fastest ways to grind faction tokens in New World! Faction tokens have become more valuable than ever, thanks to the fractured vendor revamp and major trophies' introduction. In this guide, we'll cover the three most effective methods to farm faction tokens and maximize your rewards. But before we delve into these methods, let's discuss a crucial perk that will significantly boost your token earnings.



New World Faction Tokens: 3 Most Effective Methods To Farming, 2023


What are New World Faction Tokens?

In New World, Faction Tokens serve as a crucial in-game currency that allows players to access a myriad of benefits and rewards. Each of the three main factions - the Marauders, the Syndicate, and the Covenant - has its distinct set of tokens. These tokens can be earned by engaging in faction-related activities, such as completing faction quests, participating in faction-based PvP (Player versus Player) battles, and contributing to the overall influence of your chosen Faction in world.


The Importance of Faction Tokens

Faction Tokens play a pivotal role in New World, offering players various opportunities to progress, customize their characters, and obtain exclusive gear and items. These tokens are the key to unlocking faction-specific rewards, including powerful weapons, armour sets, consumables, and other valuable items that aid players in their adventures across the perilous lands of Aeternum.


Utilize the Loyalty Perk

To increase your faction token gains per hour significantly, invest in the Loyalty perk. Currently available only for your bags, this perk can be a bit pricey. However, equipping three high-quality bags with the Loyalty perk will grant you an additional 14.4% faction tokens. Even if you can't afford the best bags, consider purchasing three lower-tier versions from the trade posts. The Loyalty perk will prove invaluable in the long run.


Daily Bonus Missions

Always take advantage of your daily big bonus missions from your faction vendor. The first three missions you complete each day will reward you handsomely. Head to the highest-level zone where you feel comfortable completing missions.


For example, Brimstone Sands and Shadow Mountain offer excellent token payouts for PvP missions. In Brimstone Sands, you can also gain additional territory standing, enhancing your overall rewards. For a non-PvP approach, consider PvE missions in Brimstone Sands for more new world gold and territory standing.


Method 1: Low-Level PvE Mission Method

For PvE enthusiasts seeking low-risk missions, the Brightwood method is ideal. Head to Brightwood, a lower-level zone, where missions are concentrated and enemies are manageable. Utilize the Inn for swift travel, accept three PvE missions, and complete them with efficiency. This method can yield roughly 18,848 faction tokens, 9,206 territory standing, and 330 gold per hour. Equip navigation-boosting weapons to expedite your runs further.


Method 2: PvP Mission Method

If PvP excites you and you're willing to embrace the risk, the Great Cleave method is worth considering. Embrace three PvP missions and tackle them close to the town. This approach can net you around 16,065 faction tokens per hour. Moreover, it offers additional PvP track XP, potentially leading to exciting rewards. While gold per hour and territory standing might be slightly lower, this method caters to a more AFK-friendly playstyle.


Method 3: High-Level PvE Mission Method

For those ready for a more challenging grind, the Brimstone Sands method is the pinnacle. Focus on one PvE mission at a time in Brimstone Sands, enhancing your efficiency. Swift mission completion can yield a remarkable 27,540 faction tokens, 10,100 territory standing, and 450 gold per hour. This is the fastest approach but demands heightened focus and precision.


Faction Token Rewards

The rewards obtained from Faction Tokens are diverse and enticing, providing players with a wide array of benefits that enhance their gameplay experience. Here are some examples of the rewards available:


Exclusive Gear & Weapons Exchange tokens for faction-specific gear and weapons, boasting attributes tailored to each faction's playstyle. These items significantly elevate your combat prowess and can be obtained from faction vendors.
Consumables & Resources Acquire consumables like potions and food, offering buffs and healing during battles. Faction tokens also secure crafting materials, vital for creating high-quality items.
Housing Decorations Faction tokens extend to personalizing player housing. Purchase faction-themed decorations to add style and bonuses to your dwelling, reflecting your allegiance and enhancing your residence's character.



Now that you're armed with the knowledge of the three fastest ways to grind faction tokens in New World choose the method that suits your playstyle best. Whether you prefer low-level PvE missions, PvP missions, or high-level PvE challenges, these methods will help you amass a wealth of faction tokens and enhance your adventures in Aeternum. Happy grinding, and may your Faction prosper!

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