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3 most effective offensive and defensive playbooks in Madden 24

In Madden NFL 24, choosing the right offensive and defensive Playbook is critical to dominating your opponents on the field. To that end, today we're going to explore 3 most effective offensive and defensive strategies that will help you gain the absolute edge in Madden 24. These playbooks offer a variety of tactics and formations for different playstyles. Let's dive into the details and learn more about the strengths and key plays of each Playbook.


3 most effective offensive and defensive playbooks in Madden 24


Madden 24: 3 Best Offensive Playbooks 

First, let's take a look at the 3 best offensive playbooks in Madden 24 that are very practical and efficient.


New England Patriots Offensive Playbook

The Patriots' offensive Playbook has been a staple in competitive Madden for years due to its excellent balance and versatility. Here are 3 key plays to focus on:


How to Play 1: Corner Strike

  • Description: This play is easy to set up, making it effective against various defenses.
  • Setup: Place the RB or a slot WR on a streak route.
  • Reads: Look for the corner route or the C route, depending on the defense.


How to Play 2: Pats Sale

  • Description: A unique play that features a backside post route, creating mismatches.
  • Setup: Leave the outside receiver on a C route, and motion the inside receiver to set up a quick slant.
  • Reads: Target the backside post route or the quick slant based on the defensive coverage.


How to Play 2: PA Counter Go

  • Description: This play takes advantage of play action and offers multiple options for passing.
  • Setup: Place the outside receiver on an end route, the middle receiver on a flat route, and the tight end on a clear-out streak.
  • Reads: Look for the deep crosser, the flat route, or the streak route, depending on the defense.


Minnesota Vikings Offensive Playbook

The Vikings' offensive Playbook is relatively new to Madden NFL 23, but it brings exciting formations to the game. Here are some plays to exploit:


How to Play 1: Red Zone Corner

  • Description: This play features a scissor route that is highly effective against man coverage.
  • Setup: None required. The play is already well-designed.
  • Reads: Target the scissor route, which beats man coverage and can find space against zone defenders.


How to Play 2: Tight Slots Half Back Week - Hammer Dagger

  • Description: A great play for beating cover 2 defenses.
  • Setup: Move the outside receiver to a streak and block the tight end for extra time.
  • Reads: The deep post route is the primary target, but look for the deep corner or the underneath crossing patterns if needed.


How to Play 3: Tight Slots Half Back Week - Post Wheel Drag

  • Description: A versatile play with multiple route combinations.
  • Setup: Place the running back on a wheel route and the outside receiver on a flat route.
  • Reads: Target the wheel route against zone coverage or the inward-facing S-post route against zone defenders.


Run Balance Offensive Playbook

Despite its name, the Run Balance playbook offers potent spread formations. Here are key plays to exploit:


How to Play 1: Play Action Tight End Wheel

  • Description: This play is effective against cover 2 and covers 3 defenses.
  • Setup: Use the fade wide receiver to the wide side of the field for cover 2 or cover 3 clouds.
  • Reads: Look for the deep crossing route or the slant route based on the defense.


How to Play 2: Deep Attack

  • Description: A strong play that can create mismatches.
  • Setup: Use the fade wide receiver to the wide side of the field.
  • Reads: Target the deep post route against zone coverage or the slant route if the defense is focused on the deep post.


Madden 24: 3 Best Defensive Playbooks

Next, we'll break down some of the 3 most effective defensive playbooks and plays that will help you dominate your opponents on the gridiron.


Chicago Bears Defensive Playbook - 4-3 Even & 6-1 Formation

The 4-3 Even and 6-1 formations in the Bears playbook are simple yet highly effective blitz setups. To maximize its potential, make sure to have your fastest players at the outside linebacker position. Having an elite edge rusher like Khalil Mack with abilities can be game-changing. Apply aggressive coaching adjustments and press your defense to apply early pressure on the opponent. By blocking a running back, you can pick up the blitz, but an ability edge rusher will still shed instantly even if picked up.


4-6 Defensive Playbook

The 4-6 defensive playbook offers versatility with formations like 3-5-3, 3-5-5 Wide, and Dollar. Using safeties at linebackers in Dollar sets is highly effective, providing better coverage and agility. The Dollar Formation excels in pass defense, making it lethal against spread-out formations, such as Gun Bunch. Make sure to set up your match concepts correctly and use the Cover 2 shell for added pressure.


Tampa Bay Defensive Playbook - Nickel 2-4-5 Odd

The Nickel 2-4-5 Odd formation is a powerful blitz scheme that works against any offense. Subbing in ability edge rushers like Shaquil Barrett can turn this into a nightmare for the opponent. The Pinch 2 play is particularly devastating, generating immediate pressure off the edge. Mixing zone and man coverages while bluff blitzing with the defensive end adds complexity and unpredictability to your defense.


Utilize Match Coverage in Multiple Playbooks

Match coverage is a powerful tool to defend against various offensive formations. Make sure to set your zone coverage to Match the coaching adjustments, and then choose plays like Cover 6 in the Tampa Bay playbook or Cover 3 Cloud Show 2 in the 4-6 playbook to utilize this coverage effectively. Matching defenders with receivers helps to counter popular offensive concepts and increases your chances of getting interceptions.


Adjust to Your Opponent's Offense

Remember to adapt your defensive playcalling based on your opponent's offense. Mix up your coverages, blitzes, and personnel to keep them guessing. If they run a bunch formation, use the Match defense to handle it effectively. If they prefer passing, go with the 4-6 defensive playbook to bring constant pressure.


If you have the option, useability edge rushers and fast safeties in your defensive scheme. These players can make a significant impact, even against well-blocked plays. Their abilities and speed allow them to shed blockers quickly and pressure the quarterback effectively.



Mastering these offensive playbooks and their key plays will significantly improve your Madden 24 gameplay. Remember to adapt your strategies based on your opponent's offense and defense, and always stay sharp in making reads and adjustments during the game. Choosing the right offensive & defensive Playbook and understanding how to set up effective coverages and blitzes can give you a significant advantage in Madden 24. Experiment with different playbooks and find the one that suits your playstyle and personnel the best. 

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