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NBA 2K24 Shooting Changes: Advanced Shot Types, Buffs and Custom Jumpshots

Hey there, fellow 2K fans! It's that time of the year again, and we've got some exciting news about how shooting mechanics have evolved in NBA 2K24. Mike Wang has been dropping some knowledge bombs on Twitter, giving us an inside look at the changes. In this article, we'll break down the key points so you can stay ahead of the game. Keep an eye out for more updates as they roll in. Let's dive into the details of shooting changes in NBA 2K24!


NBA 2K24 Shooting Changes: Advanced Shot Types, Buffs and Custom Jumpshots


The Authenticity of Pro Play

Mike Wang shared his enthusiasm for the new Pro Play feature, highlighting the authenticity it brings to the game. NBA enthusiasts will immediately notice the lifelike jumpers and animations that ProPlay introduces. It's not just about scoring animations; it's also about enhancing the overall realism and nuance of basketball gameplay. Expect to see unique shots, moves, and passes that capture the essence of real-life basketball.


Striking the Balance

2K development team always faces the challenge of catering to diverse player preferences. Some fans crave realism, while others prefer a more arcade-like experience. Mike Wang acknowledged this balancing act, with some players leaning towards a realistic gameplay style and others desiring a more offense- or defence-focused approach. The takeaway here is that 2K is continuously striving to satisfy a broad spectrum of players.


Buffs Galore for Advanced Shots

Advanced shot types like spins, step-backs, euros, floaters, and more have received a buff in the mid-range. These adjustments make these moves more potent and rewarding for players who master them. So, if you've been working on perfecting your arsenal of scoring moves, you'll be well-rewarded in NBA 2K24.


The Art of Custom Jumpshots

Custom jumpshots are a staple in NBA 2K, and the question of shot attributes and grades comes up. When creating custom jumpshots in the Jumpshot Creator, higher grades are beneficial. While you can find success with lower-grade shots, keep an eye on the defensive immunity attribute—it can have a significant impact on your shooting success. Higher defensive immunity means better shot contest resistance, allowing you to sink shots even under pressure.


The Drama of Delayed Greens

Delayed green releases are back and here to stay. Mike Wang emphasizes that he appreciates the anticipation and drama that delayed greens bring to the game. So get ready to experience that heart-pounding moment as you await the verdict on your shot.


Drawing Fouls and Creating Opportunities

Drawing fouls has received special attention in NBA 2K24. If you fake out defenders and make them bite, you'll have a much higher chance of getting fouled and potentially converting an "and-one" play. Additionally, if defenders jump recklessly and land on ball handlers, they'll be called for fouls. Mastering these techniques can give you a significant edge, especially if you're skilled in mid-range shots, fades, or step-backs.


Fades Mid-range Buff, Three-Point Nerf

Fades have seen a buff in the mid-range department but a notable nerf from beyond the arc. While the three-point fades might be less effective, don't count out skilled players who can still sink those shots with the right badges and timing, especially in takeover situations.


The Swish Factor

Green swishes are making a more prominent appearance in NBA 2K24. While not every shot will be a swish, you can expect to see more of those satisfying net-snapping moments. Even if the ball occasionally hits the rim and bounces in, the increased swish frequency adds to the overall immersion of the game.


Timing Stability Takes Center Stage

Shot timing has undergone a transformation with the introduction of timing stability. This attribute affects your ability to shoot accurately when fatigued or under defensive pressure. Higher timing stability means you can maintain consistent shot speeds and accuracy, even when you're not at your freshest or when defenders are closing in.


Shot Timing Visual Cue

One of the most intriguing changes is the shift from shot timing to shot timing visual cue. Instead of relying on arbitrary timing, you can now select a specific point in the animation for your ideal release. This adds a layer of strategy to your shooting game, allowing you to tailor your timing to your unique playstyle and preferences.


Takeover Strategy

Takeover have become more dynamic than ever. You can now choose any takeover that suits your playstyle, even if your attributes don't exactly match. This adds a strategic element to the game, enabling you to adapt to in-game situations and make game-changing plays.


The Quest for Consistency

Achieving shooting consistency in NBA 2K24 isn't solely dependent on attributes. Your skill shot IQ and familiarity with your player's animations all play crucial roles. Some players can be deadly with a lower three-point rating, while others might need a higher one to excel. Experiment with different players' shot timings in 2KU or the build tester to find the sweet spot for your build.


An End to Arbitrary Contest Grades

Shot contest grades have evolved in NBA 2K24. Instead of the familiar plus and minus scale, the shot contest is now represented as a numerical reduction or boost in the contest score. An A+ will reduce the contest score by 30%, while an F will boost it by 30%. This makes it even more crucial to prioritize defensive immunity and smart shot selection.


Embracing the Green Celebration

Green animations will now trigger for every made green shot beyond 15 feet. This change eliminates the previous requirement of stringing together three consecutive shots to see your green celebration animation. Get ready to revel in those perfectly timed shots and enjoy the satisfaction of your skillful accuracy.


Mastering Shot Timing Stability

The new timing stability attribute has become a cornerstone of shooting success. Its impact on your shot's consistency, even under adverse conditions, cannot be overstated. Factors like release speed, release height, defensive immunity, and timing stability collectively influence your shooting accuracy and efficiency.


Shooting Consistency Unveiled

Shot consistency isn't just about attributes—it's a blend of skill, knowledge, and practice. While attribute ratings matter, your ability to time your shots and adapt to in-game scenarios also contributes to your success. Experiment with different players and scenarios to find your personal sweet spot for shooting accuracy.


Embrace the Greens

Experience the thrill of a green celebration animation with every successful green shot beyond 15 feet. No longer confined to consecutive shots, greens are celebrated individually, adding an extra layer of excitement to your precision shooting.


Mastering Stability

Timing stability is your new best friend when it comes to shooting accuracy. This attribute's impact on maintaining your shot's consistency, even in adverse conditions, cannot be overstated. Factors such as release speed, height, defensive immunity, and timing stability collaboratively influence your shooting prowess.


Realistic Visual Cues

The transition from arbitrary timing to visual cues ushers in a new era of authenticity and skillful shooting. This change empowers players to take control of their shot timing, encouraging a deeper understanding of animations and enhancing shooting proficiency.



Stay tuned for more NBA 2K24 updates as we continue to break down the game's exciting changes, from takeovers to dribbling and beyond. Remember to hit that like button and subscribe for more in-depth coverage. We'll see you in the next article!

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