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Madden 24 Ball Carrier Skill Moves 101 Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on mastering ball carrier skill moves in Madden 24! Being proficient in stick skills is crucial for success in the game. In this guide, we'll cover all the essential ball carrier moves, how to execute them effectively, and which ones are the best for making defenders miss. By learning these moves, you'll be able to dominate the field and leave your opponents in the dust.


Madden 24 Ball Carrier Skill Moves 101 Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Sprint Button

To start things off, the sprint button is your go-to for top speed. On Xbox, it's the Right Trigger, and on PlayStation, it's the R2 button. This will have your player running at full speed, which is the foundation for executing various skill moves.


Juke Move

The juke move is one of the most effective ball carrier techniques. To perform it, flick the right joystick left to juke left or right to juke right. Quick and versatile, the juke move is great for creating space and leaving defenders in your wake.

  • Regular Juke: Execute a quick juke by simply flicking the joystick in the desired direction.
  • Exaggerated Juke: Combine the sprint button with the juke move by holding down the Right Trigger (R2). While effective, note that this might slow you down compared to the regular juke.
  • Double Juke: Flick the joystick quickly from one direction to the other (e.g., right to left) to perform a rapid double juke, confounding defenders.
  • Pro Tip: Time your jukes carefully and release the sprint button just before performing the juke to maintain maximum speed.


Spin Move

Activate the spin move by pressing the B button (Xbox) or the Circle button (PlayStation). While more consistent than before, the spin move can still prove effective in certain situations.

  • Regular Spin: Press the designated button to execute a basic spin move.
  • Exaggerated Spin: Combine the spin move with the sprint button (Right Trigger or R2) for a more pronounced spin. However, the regular spin is often more effective due to its quicker animation.
  • Combo Moves: Experiment with chaining moves together. Try juking one way and then immediately spinning in the opposite direction for a dynamic combo.


Hurdle and Jurdle

  • Hurdle: To hurdle over a low-hitting defender, press the Y button (Xbox) or the Triangle button (PlayStation). Use this move cautiously, as it's not always the best option.
  • Jurdle (Juke + Hurdle Combo): Hold the left joystick to one side and press the hurdle button simultaneously for a side hurdle. This can help you quickly change direction and gain extra yards.


Hard Cut Mechanic

Press the Left Trigger (L2) to perform a hard cut, allowing your player to change direction quickly. This move is particularly effective for hitting cutback lanes in the run game and evading defenders.


Stop and Go

To fake out user-controlled defenders, release all controls for a brief moment, then quickly press the sprint button to accelerate. This can make the defender run past you and create space.


Truck and Stiff Arm Moves

  • Truck: Flick the right joystick up to execute a truck move, especially effective with powerful running backs like Derrick Henry. Use this to run over defenders and gain extra yards.
  • Stiff Arm: Press the A button (Xbox) or the X button (PlayStation) to perform a stiff arm. This can help you push off defenders and extend your run.


Step Back and Cutback

  • Step Back: Flick the right joystick backwards for a quick stutter step or hesitation move. However, using the "let go of controls" method often works better in practice.
  • Cutback: Combine the hard-cut mechanic with a quick joystick push in the opposite direction you're running. This allows for sudden direction changes.


Dive and Slide Mechanics

  • Dive: Hold the X button (Xbox) or the Square button (PlayStation) to dive for extra yards or the goal line. Use this near the goal line for a potential touchdown.
  • Slide (Quarterbacks): Tap the X button (Xbox) or the Square button (PlayStation) to slide and protect your quarterback from taking hits and fumbling. Some quarterbacks may dive forward instead of sliding.


Ball Protection and Lateral Pass

  • Ball Protection: Hold the RB button (R1) to cover the ball with both hands, reducing the risk of fumbling.
  • Lateral Pass: Tap the LB button (L1) to lateral the ball to a teammate behind you. Be cautious, as this can result in turnovers if defenders are nearby.


Remember that practice makes perfect. Spend time mastering these moves in practice modes and apply them strategically during matches to become a formidable ball carrier in Madden 24. Good luck on your journey to becoming a Madden master!

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