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NBA 2K24 News: Changes to Player Builds and Updates

In a surprising turn of events, the NBA 2K24 community has been rocked by the recent revelation from Mike Wang that the beloved 6'9" PG build will no longer be available in the upcoming game. This unexpected announcement has left players scrambling to adjust their strategies and reevaluate their player-build choices. In this guide, we will dissect the implications of this change, explore the new player build options, and provide tips on how to make the most of the alterations in NBA 2K24.


NBA 2K24 News: Changes to Player Builds and Updates


Understanding the Change

The removal of the 6'9" PG build, often regarded as a versatile and all-around powerhouse, signals a shift in player build dynamics. While this news may have caught some players off guard, it's crucial to recognize that every change introduces new opportunities. In NBA 2K24, the developers are pushing for more specialized player roles, which could lead to enhanced team dynamics and strategic gameplay.


Exploring the New Player Build Options

6'8" PG With the height cap reduced to 6'8", playmaking guards are still viable options. These builds can excel in distributing the ball, setting up plays, and driving to the rim. They may not possess the same level of versatility as the 6'9" PG, but their ability to control the flow of the game remains intact.
6'11" SF Small forwards at this height can serve as versatile two-way players. They can guard multiple positions effectively, contribute on both ends of the court, and potentially create mismatches against smaller opponents.
7'0" PF For those who enjoy the frontcourt action, the 7'0" power forward provides a strong defensive presence, rebounding ability, and the potential to stretch the floor with outside shooting.
7'3" C While centers have always been integral to team dynamics, the 7'3" build remains the tallest available. These players can dominate the paint, protect the rim, and secure crucial rebounds.


Optimizing Your New Build

As you adapt to these changes, consider the following strategies:

  • Embrace Specialization: With the removal of the 6'9" PG, focusing on a specific aspect of the game becomes essential. Prioritize attributes and badges that align with your chosen role, whether it's playmaking, shooting, defense, or post-play.
  • Badge Loadouts: Experiment with different badge loadouts to fine-tune your player's strengths. This customization allows you to maximize your effectiveness on the court based on your preferred playstyle.
  • Understanding Height Caps: Study the height caps for each position to find the optimal balance between size and agility. Remember that being slightly undersized doesn't necessarily equate to a disadvantage if your attributes and badges compensate.
  • Adapting Your Playstyle: As the player landscape changes, so should your approach to the game. Embrace teamwork, communication, and synergy with your teammates to create a well-rounded and coordinated team.


Mastering the New Dynamics

  • Wrecking in Rec: The changes in player builds call for a more structured approach to Rec gameplay. Avoid leaving the corner open, focus on smart positioning, and adapt your defensive strategies to counter specialized opponents.
  • Dunking Dynamics: Recognize the importance of the driving dunk rating in unlocking contact dunks and open dunks. Prioritize a high dunk rating to capitalize on these scoring opportunities.
  • Managing Adrenaline: Understand the consequences of the defensive adrenaline bar system. To avoid becoming a liability on defense, manage your reach-ins and maintain a solid defensive stance to retain your effectiveness throughout the game.
  • Signature Animations: Make use of the extensive list of signature animations available. Take advantage of the variety of dribble styles, crossovers, step-backs, and more to keep your opponents guessing and enhance your offensive arsenal.



The breaking news about NBA 2K24 has sent shockwaves through the gaming community. The discontinuation of the 6'9" PG build and the introduction of new height and position restrictions mark a significant departure from previous iterations. With improved shooting mechanics, revamped adrenaline bar mechanics, and an expansive range of signature animations and motion styles, NBA 2K24 promises a fresh and engaging gameplay experience. 

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