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Madden 24 Best Strategies: Run, Base, Blitz and Pass

Welcome to the ultimate guide for crafting an impregnable defense in Madden NFL 24! Whether you're facing aggressive blitzes, cunning base formations, or relentless run plays, this guide has you covered. We'll break down the best defenses, provide gameplay tips, and detail the power of the nine-man run command. Let's dive in and revolutionize your defense!


Madden 24 Best Strategies: Run, Base, Blitz and Pass


Best Run Defense Strategies


Nine-Man Run Defense Technique

One of the most potent defensive strategies you can utilize in Madden NFL 24 is the Nine-Man Run Defense technique. When employing this technique, your safeties move into run support positions near the line of scrimmage, effectively plugging gaps and preventing the opposing running back from making significant gains. The beauty of this technique is that the safeties won't drop back into pass coverage, ensuring your defense remains sturdy against the run.


Formation: 3-4 Odd Defense

A highly effective formation for stopping the run is the 3-4 Odd Defense. Ensure you have speedy outside linebackers who can close gaps quickly and defensive ends who can disrupt the edge. Pinch the entire defense when facing formations with fewer wide receivers. This brings safeties closer to the line of scrimmage, allowing them to provide additional run support.


Best Base Defense Strategies


Auto Alignment: Your Defensive Advantage

Configure your defense with Auto Alignment: Base to enhance the effectiveness of your base defense. This coaching adjustment will help your defenders better align themselves to counter the opponent's formation and increase your overall defensive prowess.


Formation: 4-3 Even Defense

In the 4-3 Even Defense formation, focus on bringing pressure by pinching the defensive line and slanting them outside. These adjustments will assist in containing running plays and putting pressure on the quarterback. Use your user-controlled linebacker to disrupt the middle of the field.


Best Blitz Defense Strategies


Mic Blitz Zero: Dismantling the Offense

The Mic Blitz Zero play is a fearsome blitz that sends heavy pressure directly at the quarterback. Pinch the defensive line and bring a linebacker over the center for maximum disruption. Guessing passes and slanting the defensive line outside can further bolster your blitz's potency.


Formation: 3-3-5 Cover 1 Blitz

Deploy the 3-3-5 Cover 1 Blitz from the nickel formation to unleash a swift and aggressive pass rush. Utilize your user-controlled defender to manipulate the pressure and create chaos in the offensive backfield.


Best Pass Defense Strategies


DB Fire 2: Unyielding Coverage

Employ the DB Fire 2 play to provide strong coverage against passing plays. Set your coverage to "Match" and adjust your flats to default. Pinch the defensive line and slant them outside to maintain pressure while your defenders handle their assignments.


Formation: Dollar Defense

The Dollar Defense Formation offers excellent coverage and pressure. Pinch the defensive line, bring the user linebacker over the center, and engage in coverage. This setup creates a formidable defense that can disrupt passes and pressure the quarterback.



With these expert strategies, you're now equipped to dominate the defensive side of the ball in Madden NFL 24. Master the art of blitzing, fine-tune your base defense, and perfect your run-stopping techniques to outsmart your opponents and secure victory. Remember to adapt your strategies based on the opponent's play style and formation for optimal results. Stay tuned for more gaming insights, and remember to subscribe for future updates and tips. Get ready to take your Madden skills to the next level and become a force to be reckoned with on the virtual field!

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