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NBA 2K24 Best Player Template Builds: Tier List & Ranking

Welcome to the comprehensive NBA 2K24 Template Builds Tier List guide. In this guide, we will break down various NBA player template builds, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, and rank them in tiers based on their usability in online play modes like Pro-Am and Park. This template builds grant you access to animations, including jumpshots and dribble moves, making them crucial choices for your virtual basketball career. We've conducted an in-depth analysis of each build to help you make informed decisions.


NBA 2K24 Best Player Template Builds: Tier List & Ranking


Before we dive into the tier list, it's essential to note that all the information presented here is available on the NBA 2K Lab website (, so you can reference it there as well.


Tier List Breakdown

Our tier list categorizes NBA player template builds into five tiers: S, A, B, C, and D. Each tier reflects the build's overall usability and effectiveness in various aspects of the game, including scoring, playmaking, defense, and versatility.


Let's explore each tier and the notable builds within them:


S Tier (Superior)

This tier comprises the absolute best NBA player template builds, ideal for dominating online play. These builds offer exceptional attributes across the board, making them formidable in various situations.


Notable Builds:

  • Paul George: An elite all-around build with excellent scoring, handling, and top-tier perimeter defense.
  • Anthony Davis: A versatile big man with the ability to finish at all levels and protect the ball effectively.
  • Nikola Jokic: A unique center builds known for its superb passing and shooting abilities, making it a game-changer.



A Tier (Great)

This Tier builds are highly effective and versatile, capable of excelling in specific roles. While not quite as dominant as S Tier, these builds are solid choices for players looking to contribute effectively in online matches.


Notable Builds:

  • Jalen Brown: A well-rounded build with solid scoring and defensive attributes, suitable for various positions.
  • Karl-Anthony Towns: A powerful inside scorer with decent defensive capabilities, perfect for controlling the paint.
  • Domantas Sabonis: A versatile big man build known for its scoring ability, rebounding, and playmaking skills.


B Tier (Good)

The B Tier builds are good choices, offering specific strengths but also notable weaknesses. These builds can be effective when used correctly but may require a more specialized playstyle.


Notable Builds:

  • Drew Holiday: A fast and well-rounded build with strong perimeter defense, ideal for a drive-and-kick playstyle.
  • Evan Mobley: A promising big man with decent scoring and defensive attributes, though three-point shooting may be inconsistent.
  • Cameron Johnson: A reliable off-ball shooter build, suitable for those who excel in spot-up situations.


C Tier (Average)

The C Tier includes average builds that may struggle in certain areas or lack standout attributes. These builds can still be enjoyable to play but may require more skill and strategy to succeed.


Notable Builds:

  • Jaren Jackson Jr.: A capable defender with scoring potential but limited in rebounding and ball-handling.
  • Draymond Green: A unique build with exceptional passing but limited offensive capabilities, best suited for defensive specialists.
  • Andre Drummond: A dominant rebounder but struggles with shooting and playmaking, making him a more one-dimensional choice.


D Tier (Below Average)

The D Tier represents builds that are below average in most aspects, making them challenging to succeed within competitive online play.


Notable Builds:

  • Marcus Smart: While a strong defender, Smart's lack of offensive abilities hinders his effectiveness.
  • Austin Reeves: Limited height and skills hinder Reeves' ability to contribute significantly on the court.
  • Josh Giddey: Struggles with shooting and defense, making it challenging to impact the game positively.



When choosing an NBA player template build in NBA 2K24, consider your preferred playstyle and position on the court. The tier list provided here can serve as a helpful reference to select the build that best aligns with your strengths and preferences.


Remember that your skill level, familiarity with the build, and teamwork also play a crucial role in your success. Practice and adapt your gameplay to make the most of your chosen NBA player template build. With dedication and strategic play, you can thrive in the virtual basketball world of NBA 2K24.

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