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Guild Wars 2 September 12th Update: All changes you need to know

Welcome to the latest Guild Wars 2 News update for September 12th, 2023. In this overview, we'll delve into the exciting changes that have just graced the world of Tyria. From game-altering balance shifts and the eagerly anticipated Fractal Rush bonus event to crafting interface enhancements and a universal dungeon access hub, we've got all the details you need. Plus, we'll explore the new items and skins, delve into professional skill adjustments, and uncover the latest offerings from the Black Lion Trading Company



Guild Wars 2 September 12th Update: All changes you need to know


Balance Changes and Upcoming Patch

Guild Wars 2 recently received a small balance patch, with ArenaNet describing it as such. However, they've hinted at a more significant balance adjustment coming on September 26th. This upcoming update will address overperforming builds in PvE and make adjustments to competitive mode. Players can expect potential PvP nerfs and other adjustments in the near future.


Fractal Rush Bonus Event

The Fractal Rush bonus event is now live, offering extra loot and achievements for one week. Players can find Fractal Rush trophies and rewards in their favourite fractals at any difficulty level. Completing Fractal Rush Champion tiers will grant various useful items and currencies for your journey. Speak with Assistant Subdirector Ranu in Lion's Arch to learn more about this event. The event will run until September 19th.


World Polish

  • Skywatch Archipelago: More traversal options have been added between Western Skyward Marches and Shattered Atoll, Droknar's Light, and Jade Mech Habitation Zone 03. These improvements aim to make rift hunting in Skywatch Archipelago more accessible.
  • Wizard Tower Meta Event: The timer duration before players are removed from the area after completing the Unlocking the Wizard's Tower meta event has been increased from 5 minutes to 10. This change allows more time for optional conversations, reading books, and looting chests.
  • Additional Fixes: Several other fixes and improvements have been made to various in-game areas, including Amnestein events, Avatar events, cryptus turrets, and more.


General Updates

An extra-life pet has been updated to display the correct species model.

  • Gortho, son of Malik, will now sell players the Bird Whistle for Skyscale collection progress if related events are not active in Iron Marches.
  • Improved enemy placements in Skywatch Archipelago, Wizard's Tower, and Amnestein.
  • New achievements have been added for Skywatch Archipelago, Sorrows Lost collection, and more.


Crafting Interface Changes

The crafting interface has been revamped with new options:

  • You can now expand and collapse all recipe group options in the crafting interface's search filter menu.
  • The category menu now includes an all professions category that displays all recipes available to your character regardless of their active crafting discipline.
  • Selecting one of the nine crafting disciplines from the menu will filter the results to display only recipes from that discipline.
  • Two new options are available when right-clicking any material used in crafting recipes, allowing you to open the crafting preview or crafting station with the item.


Dungeon Access Hub

A universal access point for dungeons has been added in Lion's Arch outside the Aerodrome. The dungeon weapon and armor vendors have been relocated nearby. This change aims to make dungeons more accessible and improve the overall dungeon experience.


Personal Story and Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes and improvements have been made to personal story instances and events across different zones, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.


Items and Skins

  • Legendary starter kit icons have been updated to depict their corresponding legendary weapons more accurately.
  • Gifts of Fortune can no longer be salvaged to recover base materials.
  • New weapon skins, including the Vine Lord Edge Bloom set, have been added to the Black Lion Chest.


Profession Skills

Balance adjustments have been made to various professional skills, affecting traits, damage coefficients, and functionality in different game modes. These changes aim to ensure fair and balanced gameplay.


Black Lion Trading Company

New items and packages, such as the Amethyst Feathered Mounts package, are now available through the Black Lion Trading Company.


Bonus Events and Achievements

Several bonus events and achievements now offer rewards, including astral claims, back slot expansions, and more. Check the bonus events and achievements section for updated objectives and rewards. Those are the highlights of the latest Guild Wars 2 update as of September 12th. Keep an eye out for further announcements and updates as the game continues to evolve. Enjoy your adventures in Tyria!

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