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What Can We Anticipate in the Upcoming New World Expansion?

Welcome, fellow New World adventurers! Today, we dive deep into the latest Community Q&A that sheds light on the highly anticipated New World expansion, covering pre-orders, PvP changes, and crafting intricacies. While some of this information may be familiar to our dedicated player base, let's extract the key insights and consolidate them for a clearer understanding.



What Can We Anticipate in the Upcoming New World Expansion?


Pre-Order Information

The first burning question: Can you pre-order the New World expansion? The answer is no. You'll have the opportunity to purchase it on the 3rd of October directly from Steam. There won't be a pre-order phase, but it's worth considering whether a bundle with some exclusive mount skins could have added more excitement to the release.


PvP Updates

Let's delve into the realm of PvP, a critical aspect of New World. PvP players have expressed various concerns and desires for improvements. Here's what the developers had to say:


Topic Summary
Influence Changes PvP influence times should be spread out to accommodate players from different time zones. Suggested having multiple influence events during the day for inclusivity. Excluding players based on playtime is counterproductive.
Surprise PvP Content Surprise PvP content was underwhelming, limited to enabling capture in Eden Grove. Players expected more, such as a new game mode or map rotation in Outpost Rush to add excitement.
Paid Expansion Clarification Developers clarified that buying the expansion isn't pay-to-win. Supporting the game through purchases is essential for future development and maintaining game quality.


Crafting Complexity

Crafting has always been a cornerstone of New World, and the expansion brings a new layer of complexity to it. Here's a breakdown of the crafting changes:

  • Best in Slot (BiS) Crafting: The Prismatic Scarab allows players to craft 700 gear score items with three perks of their choice. However, the material requirements are exceptionally high, potentially requiring 44 days' worth of cooldown materials for a single chest piece. Developers might consider reducing these requirements, making it more accessible to players.
  • Resource Scarcity: Developers hinted at increasing the respawn time for resources like Mithril, anticipating a surge in demand. This decision could lead to resource scarcity, potentially making farming a frustrating experience, especially during the expansion's launch. Many players suggest instance nodes to alleviate resource contention.
  • Gypsum Orbs: Gypsum orbs are essential for crafting high-tier items, but their utility seems limited to reaching a gear score of 625. It's advised to wait until the expansion to use them, as you might find better uses for them at that point.



The New World expansion brings exciting changes and challenges. PvP enthusiasts are encouraged to provide feedback on influence times, and crafting enthusiasts must prepare for the complex resource management. Remember, while some features may not cater to everyone's preferences, the developers remain committed to refining and expanding the New World experience.


As we await more information and the official expansion release, let's keep the discussions alive within the New World community. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned for further updates and live streams from our dedicated New World adventurers. Together, we'll continue to shape the future of Aeternum!

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