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10 Players To Watch in the Upcoming FC 24 Evolution Mode

Evolutions have arrived in FC 24 Ultimate Team, and it's an exciting addition that allows you to upgrade your players in unique ways. With these Evolutions, you can enhance specific attributes of your players, making them even more potent on the field. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 best players to use in Evolutions, categorized by the different Evolution options available. Let's dive right into it.


10 Players To Watch in the Upcoming FC 24 Evolution Mode


Founders Evolution

Founders Evolution is where your journey into player upgrades begins. These players offer initial improvements and set the stage for more significant upgrades. Here are some top picks for the Founders Evolution:


Player Country Initial Stats Why
Ricardo Rodriguez Switzerland 88 Pace, 78 Passing Fantastic starting point with pace upgrade.
David Raya N/A (Goalkeeper) Strong starting goalkeeper option Solid choice as a goalkeeper.
Jonathan Ikone France 82 Physical, 81 Passing, 81 Overall Well-rounded stats for a forward player.
Ollie Watkins England Promising initial boost for your team Offers potential improvement.
La Liga Poster Gotze La Liga Solid stats and fits well into La Liga squads Suitable for La Liga squads.
Andrej Kramaric Croatia Well-balanced stats for a forward player Versatile attacking option.
Luis Muriel Colombia Promising overall upgrade potential Potential for significant growth.
Wilfried Zaha Ivory Coast Offers good dribbling and physicality Strong in dribbling and physical play.
Andriy Yarmolenko Ukraine Strong starting point with 80 Physical A good starting option with physicality.
Jean-Pierre Nsame Cameroon Balanced attributes make him versatile Versatile choice for various positions.


Pacey Protector

Pacey Protector Evolution focuses on boosting your center-back's pace and strengthening your defense. Here are some top picks for this category:


Player Club Initial Stats Notable Improvements
Joel Matip Liverpool Significant Pace upgrade Formidable center-back
Issa Diop West Ham Massive Pace improvement Solid center-back
Jules Kounde Sevilla Excellent option for La Liga squads -
Oscar Mingueza Barcelona Strong starting point -
Nico Elvedi Borussia Monchengladbach Pace and Passing upgrade Great upgrade in Pace and Passing
Gabriel Magalhaes Arsenal Solid option for Premier League -


Relentless Winger

Relentless Winger Evolution focuses on improving offensive attributes. These players can significantly enhance your attacking options. Here are some top picks:


Player Club Nationality Initial Stats
Steven Bergwijn - Netherlands Remarkable dribbling and pace upgrades make him a standout choice.
Christian Pulisic Chelsea - Excellent dribbling and pace for a winger.
Vinicius Junior Real Madrid - A powerful choice for La Liga squads.
Hirving Lozano Napoli - Offers a great blend of pace and dribbling.
Daniel James Manchester United - Promising upgrade potential for Premier League squads.
Eberechi Eze Crystal Palace - Solid starting point for an attacking midfielder.


Golden Glow Part One

Golden Glow Part One Evolution focuses on upgrading bronze players, offering significant improvements. Here are some top picks from this category:


Player Name Initial Rating Upgraded Rating Comments
Mihailo Ristic (Bronze) Bronze (N/A) 80 A remarkable upgrade from bronze to an 80-rated card.
Aleksandar Pantic (Bronze) Bronze (N/A) TBD Another bronze player with a substantial upgrade potential.
Eduardo Dos Santos Neto (Bronze) Bronze (N/A) TBD Great improvements in several attributes.
Gedson Fernandes (Bronze) Bronze (N/A) TBD A solid choice for a budget team with growth potential.


Golden Glow Part Two

Golden Glow Part Two Evolution continues the upgrade journey for bronze players. Here are some top picks from this category:


Player Name Rating Position Key Attributes
Lucas Alario Bronze Striker Excellent Physical Attributes
Ramon Arias Bronze Defender Improved Physicality and Defense
Famara Diedhiou Bronze Striker Budget Striker with Growth Potential
Ander Capa Bronze Defender Solid Defensive Upgrades



These Evolutions in FC 24 Ultimate Team add a new layer of excitement and strategy to the game. Choose your players wisely, complete their Evolution challenges, and watch them transform into formidable assets for your squad. Whether you're aiming for pacey defenders or relentless wingers, there's a player evolution path to suit your playing style. Enjoy the evolution journey and make your team the best it can be in FC 24 Ultimate Team!

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