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Madden 24 News: 5 Major Gameplay Changes and Other Potential Updates

EA Sports is gearing up to release a substantial update packed with gameplay changes and enhancements. In this guide, we'll take a deep dive into five key gameplay adjustments, ranging from the removal of the notorious loop blitz defense to the eagerly anticipated fixes for RPO glitches and inaccurate passes. Additionally, we'll touch on the revival of match defense and the introduction of new abilities and X factors, promising a revamped gaming experience. But that's not all—EA is also actively addressing franchise mode issues, including draft class problems and equipment fixes. 



Madden 24 News: 5 Major Gameplay Changes and Other Potential Updates


5 Gameplay Changes

  • 1. Loop Blitz Defense: One of the most significant changes expected in the upcoming Madden 24 update is the removal of the loop blitz defense. This defensive strategy has been widely exploited in the game but will likely be eliminated within the next week. Players using this tactic should explore alternative defensive strategies, with cover zero edge blitzes gaining popularity.
  • 2. RPO Glitch Fix: Currently, the RPO (Run-Pass Option) plays pose a significant challenge for defenses due to a lack of proper reaction. Defenders are often drawn inside, and the adaptive AI does not activate against RPO plays. EA is working on addressing this issue to make RPO plays more balanced and fair.
  • 3. Inaccurate Passes: Inaccurate passes have been a topic of discussion in Madden 24. Even under ideal conditions, with no pressure on the quarterback, accurate passes have been elusive. EA has acknowledged this issue and is likely to make tweaks to improve pass accuracy. Players can expect more consistent throws when executing proper techniques.
  • 4. Match Defense: Match defense, a reliable strategy in previous Madden titles has experienced issues in Madden 24. Certain zones within match defense do not function correctly, allowing routes to break free. This makes match defense too risky to use. EA is actively working on fixing these issues to restore match defense to its former effectiveness.
  • 5. New Abilities and X Factors: EA has been quietly staging the game for upcoming updates, possibly related to new abilities and X factors. These changes will have a significant impact on gameplay, particularly in Ultimate Team mode. Keep an eye out for announcements and updates, as this could introduce exciting new dynamics to the game.


Franchise Mode Updates

EA has also confirmed that they are addressing various franchise mode-related issues with the upcoming update. Some of the notable fixes include:

  • Draft Class Issues: Problems with downloaded draft classes, player appearances being affected when importing custom draft classes, and auto-generated draft class issues will be fixed in the next title update. However, downloaded draft classes will not be retroactively fixed, so starting a new franchise may be necessary for these fixes to apply.
  • Equipment Fixes: Certain equipment that is not showing up in-game or appears incorrectly in the edit screen is being addressed. These fixes may come in the upcoming update or a subsequent one.


Speculation on Future Updates

EA Sports has a history of introducing significant features after the game's initial release. These features are typically staged and added to the game later. While the new abilities and X factors are expected soon, there may be even more significant additions in store for Madden 24. Keep an eye on Madden 24 updates, as EA has surprised players with substantial post-launch content in previous Madden titles.



That's it we've discussed five key gameplay changes, including the removal of the loop blitz defense, fixes for RPO glitches, improvements in pass accuracy, the restoration of match defense, and the introduction of new abilities and X factors. Additionally, EA Sports is actively addressing franchise mode-related issues, such as draft class problems and equipment fixes. These updates are highly anticipated by the Madden community and are expected to enhance the overall franchise mode experience.

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