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How to Obtain the Featherweight Jacket in New World Elysium Wilds Expansion?

In the fast-paced world of New World, where every adventurer seeks the edge over their foes, a new game-changing armor artifact has emerged—the Featherweight Jacket. This artifact promises to redefine the way you approach combat, offering a unique advantage that allows you to wear heavier armor while remaining in the light equipment weight bracket. In this guide, we'll delve into the Featherweight Jacket's perks, discuss who stands to benefit the most from it and reveal where to obtain this coveted item.


How to Obtain the Featherweight Jacket in New World Elysium Wilds Expansion?


An Armor Artifact

The Featherweight Jacket is an armor artifact that promises to revolutionize your New World experience. This artifact primarily caters to players who prefer light armor setups. Let's delve into its potential and why it's generating so much excitement.


Best for Light Setups in PvE

  • DPS Players: The Featherweight Jacket is tailor-made for DPS (Damage Per Second) players who often favour light armor. With this artifact, you can maintain your agility while gaining additional armor benefits.
  • Tanks: Even tanks can benefit significantly from the Featherweight Jacket, as it allows them to remain agile while boosting their survivability. This is especially useful in challenging PvE encounters.
  • Healers: While healers may not immediately come to mind for this artifact, it's worth considering for light healers. The additional armor can offer more protection, and it's a potential choice depending on your playstyle.
  • PvP: While the full PvP potential is not covered in this guide, the Featherweight Jacket can still be effective in PvP. However, some players may opt for other armor pieces to suit their PvP needs.



The Featherweight Jacket stands out due to its unique perk: Weightlessness. This perk makes the armor weightless, which has profound implications for your character's overall loadout.

  • Weightlessness: In New World, your character's equipped load is a critical factor. It determines whether you fall into the light, medium, or heavy armor bracket, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The Featherweight Jacket retains its armor rating while being weightless.
  • The Impact on Your Build: With the Featherweight Jacket equipped, you have more flexibility in choosing heavier armor pieces without sacrificing your light armor benefits. This means you can optimize your character's armor rating while still enjoying the advantages of light armor, such as increased damage and faster dodges.
  • Fortify's Resurgence: Fortify, a valuable damage reduction mechanism, gains new relevance with the Featherweight Jacket. As your armor rating increases, Fortify becomes more effective at mitigating damage. This synergy can make you considerably more resilient in PvE encounters.


How to obtain the Featherweight Jacket?

Now that you understand the Featherweight Jacket's potential let's talk about how to obtain this game-changing artifact.


The Featherweight Jacket can be acquired by defeating a named World Boss called Niramor or Nirameer. This powerful Elite mob can be found on the west side of the new Elysium Wilds expansion zone. To prepare for the expansion's launch on October 3rd, you can start farming this boss as soon as your character reaches level 62 or above.


Gear Optimization

As you start incorporating the Featherweight Jacket into your build, consider these gear combinations to maximize your armor rating while remaining in the light armor bracket:

  • Best Five-Piece Combination: Heavy headpiece and heavy footwear combined with the Featherweight Jacket, light gloves, and light legs is currently believed to offer the highest armor rating while retaining light armor benefits.
  • Customize Your Build: Feel free to experiment with different gear combinations to find what works best for your playstyle. The expansion's release may also introduce new gear options, so stay flexible and adapt your build accordingly.



The Featherweight Jacket is poised to become a cornerstone of many New World character builds. Its weightlessness perk opens up exciting possibilities for optimizing your character's armor rating while staying agile. Whether you're a DPS player, tank, or healer, this artifact has something to offer.


Prepare for the expansion by farming Niramor and securing your Featherweight Jacket early. As you explore new gear combinations and tactics, remember that New World is a dynamic game, and your build should evolve with it.

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