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Which New Skill Moves Are Introduced in EAFC 24?

Welcome to This, where FC 24 is evolving, and so are your skills! In this guide, we'll delve into the latest skill moves featured in the Skill Moves Tutorial, helping you become a more formidable force on the virtual pitch. From the dazzling Boar World Drag to the game-changing Drag Back Turn, we'll break down each move step by step. Additionally, we'll explore new controls for Trickster PlayStyles, adding flair to your gameplay.


Which New Skill Moves Are Introduced in EAFC 24?


The Boar World Drag (4-Star Skill Move)

Our first skill move is the Boar World Drag, a fantastic addition to FIFA 24. What makes it great is its usefulness in the box, allowing you to pull the ball away from defenders or goalkeepers. Here's how to perform it:


  • Hold L1 (for PlayStation) or LB (for Xbox).
  • Flick the Right Stick (RS) in the direction you want to perform the skill move – either up or down.


This simple move can help you create space and maneuver around defenders with ease.



The Drag Back Turn (4-Star Skill Move)

Next up, we have the Drag Back Turn, one of my personal favourites and a potentially game-changing skill move this year. It's known for its incredible exit speed, making it highly effective in beating defenders and goalkeepers. Here's how to execute it:


  • Hold L2 (for PlayStation) or LT (for Xbox).
  • Hold the Right Stick (RS) backwards.


This move allows you to change direction and leave defenders in your wake quickly. Combine it with other skill moves for even greater deception.


The Flare Nutmeg (Universal Skill Move)

Now, let's talk about the Flare Nutmeg, a unique skill move that offers a speed boost and pushes the ball away from your player. While it can be used to get past the goalkeeper, perfect timing is crucial. Here's how to perform it:


  • Hold L1 + R1 (for PlayStation) or LB + RB (for Xbox).
  • Hold the Right Stick (RS) in the desired direction.


With a 360-degree range, you can use this move creatively to create angles for shots on goal. It's not just a skill move; it's a tool for setting up your attacks effectively.


The Flare Rainbow

The Flare Rainbow is a visually impressive skill move that offers a fixed trajectory. While similar to the regular Rainbow, it has its unique uses. Here's how to execute it:


  • Perform a normal Rainbow skill move, but hold the second flick.


This move's fixed trajectory makes it perfect for setting up first-time volleys, especially from outside the box. It can be a game-changer when used strategically.


New Controls

FIFA 24 introduces new controls for Trickster Play Styles, adding more flair to your game. Here's what you need to know:


  • Trickster Flicks: Hold R3 (click the Right Stick) and flick the Left Stick in any direction. This adds a new dimension to your dribbling skills.
  • Trickster Ball Roll: Perform this move from a standstill by flicking the Right Stick like this: [Demonstrate the move]. This skill move complements players with five-star skill ratings, allowing for creative dribbling sequences.
  • Trickster Ball Catch: Combine L2 (for PlayStation) or LT (for Xbox) with a fake shot to perform this move. It's perfect for catching the ball and maintaining possession in tight spaces.


Practising Your Skills

Remember to practice your newly acquired skills. You can use the practice arena to create scenarios, adding defenders to hone your skills under pressure. Additionally, the new Arena system allows you to practice skills in actual match scenarios. Adjust the difficulty to your liking and perfect your skills with your favourite five-star skill players.


That wraps up our guide to the new skill moves in FIFA 24's Skill Moves Tutorial. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills on the virtual pitch. Thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you on the field. Stay sharp and enjoy your FIFA 24 experience!

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