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4 Methods To Defend Like A Pro In Madden NFL 24

If you're struggling to get stops on defense in Madden 24, it's probably because you need to learn how to use or defend properly. In this guide, we'll discuss four methods, from beginner to advanced, to help you become a pro at user defending. Before we dive into the techniques, remember that you should primarily use a safety for user defending as linebackers have been less effective in recent years unless they have the Lurker ability. Let's explore these methods and how to execute them effectively.


4 Methods To Defend Like A Pro In Madden NFL 24



This is a super beginner-friendly method that involves strafing in front of the underneath routes your opponent wants to throw. Here's how to do it:


  • Choose the Right Formation: Typically, you'll want to be in the nickel or the dollar formation, as they allow you to sub safeties in linebacker positions.
  • Substitute Safeties: Press the Y (or Triangle) button at the formation screen, then select one of your linebackers and sub in safety with good speed and height.
  • Stay in Your Zone: Position yourself in the zone you're responsible for defending.
  • Strafe and Move with the Route: Hold the Left Trigger (L2) to strafe in place, and when a receiver enters your zone, move your joystick to stay with them. This tactic forces your opponent to hold the ball or risk an interception.
  • Timing the Intercept: When the ball is thrown, press the Y (or Triangle) button at the right time to intercept it.


This method is effective against opponents who repeatedly target the same routes. By taking away their go-to option, you can force turnovers and stops.


Stand Still

The stand-still method is more advanced and relies on making quick decisions. Here's how it works:


  • Choose a Safety: Start with a safety and get ready to use your intuition.
  • Stand Still Initially: At the snap, stand still for a split second while strafing (L2/LT) and assess the play.
  • Quick Decision: Pick a route to cover and immediately start running with it. This unpredictability can confuse your opponent.
  • Adapt: If your opponent starts exploiting your choice, switch to covering a different route to keep them guessing.


This method relies on your ability to read the play quickly and make unexpected decisions to disrupt your opponent's passing game.


The Hover Method

Now, let's step up your user-defending game with the hover method:


  • Middle-of-the-Field Positioning: Always start in the middle of the field, which allows you to react to a variety of routes.
  • Run Around and Jump: At the snap, start running in circles or zigzags, jumping from route to route. Sometimes, they commit to a route, and other times, hover over multiple receivers.
  • Confuse Your Opponent: By being unpredictable, you make it challenging for your opponent to anticipate where you'll be.
  • Quick Pressure: Your goal is to buy time for your pass rush to put pressure on the quarterback.


This method requires practice and quick decision-making. Your goal is to mentally cover multiple routes and disrupt your opponent's passing lanes effectively.


The Circle Method

The circle method is an advanced version of hovering, providing maximum coverage confusion:


  • Circular Movement: Always move in a circular pattern, either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Meet the Routes: As you move, be sure to loop back into the path of the developing routes.
  • Mental Coverage: Your opponent will need to find out where you'll be next, making it tough for them to make accurate passes.
  • Quick Pressure: Similar to the hover method, your goal is to give your pass rush time to apply pressure.


By continuously circling and meeting the routes head-on, you'll mentally cover a multitude of passing lanes, making it exceptionally challenging for your opponent to read and react effectively.



Remember, user defending is about taking away your opponent's preferred routes, forcing them into making mistakes, and giving your pass rush a chance to apply pressure. Use these methods to elevate your game and become a pro at defending in Madden 24.

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