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How to Achieve 200% Harvesting Efficiency in New World Season 3 Update?

With the highly anticipated Season 3 update in New World, players can look forward to new ways of maximizing their gathering yield. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to achieve double yield in the game. This update introduces mining and harvesting sets that grant additional yield, making it easier than ever to boost your gathering efficiency.


How to Achieve 200% Harvesting Efficiency in New World Season 3 Update?


Acquire the New Mining or Harvesting Sets

In Season 3, you'll have access to new mining and harvesting sets, each of which provides a substantial yield bonus. These sets offer an additional 1.5% yield per piece, meaning that a full set of five pieces grants an impressive 7.5% extra yield. Combining this set with a specialized mining pick or harvesting tool will further increase your yield by 21%.


Total Bonus: 7.5% (Set) + 21% (Tool) = 28.5%


Obtain Territory Buffs

To achieve double yield, you'll need to leverage the territory buffs available. These buffs are influenced by the factions that control specific territories. Follow these steps to benefit from territory buffs:


  • Check which faction currently owns the territory you're in.
  • Navigate to your character's bio to view the faction bonus.
  • Territories controlled by your faction will provide a 10% gathering yield bonus.


In addition to the faction bonus, some territories also feature control points that grant an additional 10% yield. Make sure to choose territories that align with your faction's control for optimal yield.


Total Bonus: 10% (Faction) + 10% (Control Point) = 20%


Invest in Housing

Owning houses in strategically selected territories can further boost your yield. Companies often place buffs on town boards within their territories, and you can benefit from these buffs by having houses in those areas. The most popular territories are likely to have these bonuses, so consider purchasing property there.


Example: If you own houses in territories A, B, and C, and each has a 20% yield buff, you'll receive a total bonus of 60%.


Leverage Your Attributes

Your character's attributes also contribute to your yield. Different attributes provide bonuses to specific gathering activities. For instance:


  • Strength provides a 10% yield bonus.
  • Dexterity offers a 10% bonus for skinning.


In the upcoming patch, Strength will provide a 20% yield bonus, making it even more valuable for gathering.


Use Efficiency Boosters

Visit the engineering station to acquire efficiency boosters, which grant an additional 15% proficiency. These boosters can be a valuable tool to increase your overall yield.


Total Bonus: 15%


Calculate Your Base Yield

Your base yield is 100%. To calculate your final yield, combine all the bonuses and factors mentioned above. Here's the formula:


  • Final Yield = Base Yield (100%) + Set Bonus (28.5%) + Territory Bonus (20%) + Housing Bonus + Attribute Bonus + Efficiency Booster (15%)
  • In this calculation, take into account the bonuses from your housing, attributes, and any additional bonuses provided by talent projects or in-game events.


With all these factors considered, you can expect a substantial yield increase, potentially exceeding 200%.


Utilize Fort Control

In the Season 3 update, control of forts can be contested for one-hour intervals. If your faction controls a fort, it grants a 10% yield bonus. Coordinate with your faction to take control of forts and maximize your yield during this time.


Encourage Companies to Place Buffs

If you're part of a company or have influence within one, encourage them to place buffs in territories to benefit the entire community. Buffs cost 2500 gold and can significantly enhance the resource-gathering experience for everyone in the territory.


By following these steps and optimizing your character's setup, you can achieve double yield in New World's Season 3 update. Make the most of these opportunities to gather resources efficiently and reap the rewards of your hard work. Remember that cooperation with your faction and company can go a long way in enhancing your gathering capabilities.

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