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2 Efficient Healer Builds Focused on PVP and PVE in New World Expansion

In this guide, we'll be covering Healers and Healer builds in the New World. While not much has changed in healing compared to previous seasons and expansions, there have been some notable additions and changes that we'll explore in this guide. We'll discuss two different Healer builds, one for PvE with PvP potential and the other mainly focused on PvP but adaptable for PvE use.


2 Efficient Healer Builds Focused on PVP and PVE in New World Expansion


Weapon Mastery

Let's kick things off with the weapon choice for Healers. For the first build, which is a classic healer build, we recommend using the Void Gauntlet and Life Staff combination. Attributes and Weapon Mastery for this build will be discussed later.


For the second build, which is more PvP-oriented but can still work in PvE, we introduce the new Flail as your primary weapon, replacing the Void Gauntlet while still using the Life Staff. The Flail offers unique healing capabilities that we'll delve into shortly.


Attributes for PvE Build

For the PvE-oriented build with the Void Gauntlet and Life Staff, here are the recommended attributes:

  • Intelligence: At least 150 (for elemental damage).
  • Focus: 350 (for increased healing power).
  • Constitution: 100 (for extra max HP).


You can adjust these attributes slightly based on your preference, such as redistributing points from Intelligence to Constitution if you feel too squishy or focusing on Intelligence for mana regeneration through critical hits. However, the suggested attributes provide a good baseline.


Attributes for PvP Build

For the PvP-oriented build using the Flail and Life Staff, the attributes change as follows:

  • Strength: Focus on Strength, aiming for 150 or more. The Flail scales primarily off Strength.
  • Focus: Maintain 350 Focus for increased healing power.
  • Constitution: Consider raising the Constitution to at least 150 for added survivability in PvP encounters.


Strength is emphasized in this build to make the most of the Flail's damage potential, as well as Focus for healing capabilities and Constitution for durability.


Weapon Mastery (Life Staff)

For the Life Staff, focus on the following Weapon Mastery skills:

  • Sacred Ground: AOE healing skill, prioritize this.
  • Beacon: Another AOE healing skill; use this after Sacred Ground.
  • Orb of Protection: Provides a healing orb to allies.
  • Divine Embrace: Useful for targeted healing, especially for mages or ranged allies.
  • Light's Embrace: Generally suited for PvP healing scenarios.


In PvE situations, prioritize AOE healing skills, as melee-heavy groups benefit greatly from them. Divine Embrace is handy for focused healing when needed.


Weapon Mastery (Flail)

For the Flail, prioritize the following skills in your skill tree:

  • Arcane Vortex: Provides healing capabilities.
  • Arcane Eruption: Adds healing to your toolkit.
  • Arcane Smite: Another healing skill with damage potential.
  • Barrage: Consider this skill for additional mobility in PvP.


These abilities will enhance your healing and utility with the Flail. Adjust as needed based on your preferred playstyle.


Ability Rotation

In both builds, your primary role is healing. Focus on maintaining AOE healing with Sacred Ground and Beacon. Oblivion or Essence Rupture can be used for additional damage and utility. In boss fights, prioritize Essence Rupture for the life-steal effect it provides to your team.


Remember to dodge before healing to trigger Bend of Light for stronger healing. Also, use basic attacks to provide additional healing to your team, as it triggers Blissful Touch.


Gems and Consumables


  • Diamonds: Provide damage reduction and increased outgoing healing when at full health. Ideal for both builds.
  • Emeralds: Offer thrust damage absorption, useful against certain enemy types, such as those with spears or blunderbusses.
  • Corresponding Elemental Gems: Use gems that correspond to the Elemental damage types present in the content you're facing (e.g., Amethyst for void damage, Ruby for fire damage).



  • Food: Adjust your food based on the build. Strength food for PvP with the Flail, Constitution or Focus food for PvE, and Focus food for PvP with the Void Gauntlet.
  • Desert Sunrise: Reduces the duration of damage-over-time effects.
  • Energizing Honey Meal: Increases Mana regeneration.
  • Coatings and Honing Stones: Apply these to your weapons for additional damage or damage absorption based on enemy types.
  • Ward Potions: Provide extra protection against specific damage types.


Where to Get Healer Artifacts?

To find artifacts like Lifetaker, Nimble Leather Coat, or others, refer to resources like the New World Database. It lists where to obtain artifact items, including dropped enemies, dungeons, or other sources.



That concludes our detailed guide on Healer builds in the New World. Experiment with these builds, adapt them to your playstyle, and excel in supporting your team, whether in PvE or PvP scenarios. Healers play a crucial role in any group, and mastering these builds will make you a valuable asset in the world of Aeternum. Good luck, and may your heels be strong!

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