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Guild Wars 2 Battle Tank Tempest Builds For PVP: Powerful and Versatile

In Guild Wars 2 PvP, finding the right build that suits your playstyle can be a game-changer. Today, we're going to delve into a powerful and versatile Tempest build that's perfect for both newcomers and experienced players. This build offers impressive damage output, permanent protection, substantial damage reduction, instant revives, and a range of defensive capabilities that make it practically unstoppable. Get ready to become an unyielding force on the battlefield with the Battle Tank Tempest build!


Guild Wars 2 Battle Tank Tempest Builds For PVP: Powerful and Versatile


Weapon: The Hammer

The cornerstone of this build is the trusty hammer. The circular attacks, particularly the Hammer 3 abilities, not only boost your outgoing damage but also provide a flat 7% damage reduction to strikes and a 10% reduction to incoming condition damage. This makes you significantly tougher to take down. Additionally, the hammer offers excellent crowd control and healing abilities, making it an ideal choice for this build.


Skills and Signets

The Battle Tank Tempest build synergizes perfectly with signets. Almost all your skills are signets, and their passive effects offer robust defensive capabilities. Here are the signets you'll be using:


  • Signet of Restoration
  • Signet of Water
  • Signet of Air
  • Signet of Earth


In addition, your elite skill will be "Rebound", which can save both you and your allies from death. Alternatively, you can consider using the Greater Elemental as an alternative for added support.


Trait Lines

For this build, we'll focus on three trait lines: Earth, Fire, and Tempest.


Earth (3-3-2)

  • Provides protection from generated auras.
  • Reduces the duration of slows, cripples, and immobilizing effects.
  • Regenerates endurance for more dodge rolls.
  • Grants auras for each signet use, keeping passive effects active while active effects are on cooldown.


Fire (3-3-2)

  • Cleanses conditions for free.
  • Gains extra power damage as you accumulate Might stacks.
  • Generates Might when using fire attunement skills, causing an explosion upon leaving fire attunement.


Tempest (3-2-1)

  • Gains an aura when starting an overload.
  • Gains stability while overloading.
  • Increases outgoing damage by 25% after finishing overloads.



  • Amulet: Marauder's Amulet for power damage and extra vitality.
  • Rune: Rune of Strength for increased Might duration and more power damage. Alternatively, Rune of Earth for added toughness and protection duration.
  • Relic: Relic of the Brawler, which grants 10% increased outgoing damage when you gain protection. You'll be gaining protection frequently due to auras, making this relic highly effective.



  • Sigil of Cleansing for free condition cleansing.
  • Sigil of Compounding for increased outgoing damage to the target. Your hammer 3 abilities apply various conditions, further boosting your damage.



The basic opener for this build is to start in Air Attunement and activate the air overload. As the air overload finishes, use Windstorm, Shock Blast, and Hurricane's Pain on your target. While these abilities are channeling, switch to Fire Attunement and use Hammer 3 (Triple Sear), Molten End, and Searing Flames. Depending on the situation, you can switch to Earth for more damage and additional defense, or to Water for healing and cleansing.


The role of this build can vary, making it adaptable to different situations. It excels in 1v1 duels and provides substantial team pressure and support. The rebound ability can save allies in critical moments. The Battle Tank Tempest's durability often leads opponents to expend significant effort trying to bring you down, only to realize you're incredibly tanky with excellent sustain and kiting abilities.



The Battle Tank Tempest build is an excellent choice for newcomers looking to dip their toes into Guild Wars 2 PvP. It offers a perfect balance of damage, survivability, and team support. As you progress, you'll discover which fights are best suited to your playstyle, and you'll be able to adapt to different situations. So, gear up, master your skills, and become an unstoppable force on the PvP battlefield!

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