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Guild Wars 2 Dual Pistols Deadeye Builds: Fastest, High Damage and Mobility

Guild Wars 2 offers a diverse range of elite specializations for each profession, and one of the most thrilling choices for thieves who enjoy open-world PvE content is the Dual Pistols Deadeye build. This build provides the perfect blend of damage output and mobility, allowing you to take on both hordes of mobs and formidable bosses. In this detailed guide, we will explore the gear, traits, and gameplay strategies to maximize your effectiveness as a Dual Pistols Deadeye.


Guild Wars 2 Dual Pistols Deadeye Builds: Fastest, High Damage and Mobility


Gear Setup

To maximize your damage output and survivability, it's essential to choose the right gear for your Dual Pistols Deadeye build. Here's a breakdown of the recommended gear:

  • Armor: Mix Berserker and Marauder armor for a balance between crit chance and vitality. Thieves have low health, so a bit of vitality can prevent you from getting one-shotted by certain mechanics.
  • Trinkets: Opt for Marauder trinkets to further boost your crit chance and complement your gear's stats.
  • Runes: Equip armor with Scholar Runes for increased crit damage. You won't need additional precision due to traits that provide it.
  • Weapons: Use Dual Pistols as your primary damage-dealing weapon. Attach Force and Celerity sigils to enhance your damage and provide quickness on disabling foes. The Headshot skill on the pistol and Deadeye's Mark, which can daze targets, synergize with your build.
  • Secondary Weapon: The Short Bow is your utility and AoE weapon. Equip Energy and Bloodlust sigils to grant extra dodges and stack damage. The short bow's skill 3 can help you evade attacks and build up Bloodlust stacks for more damage on your primary weapon set.
  • Relic: Choose the Relic of Speed for a 66% movement speed increase while under the effect of swiftness. This is crucial for maintaining your DPS as it allows you to face your target while strafing.


Trait Selection

Your traits play a crucial role in enhancing your Dual Pistols Deadeye build. Here are the recommended traits:


Critical Strikes (Major Traits):

  • Twin Fangs: This trait increases your crit chance and grants a chance to cause bleeding on critical hits.
  • Practiced Tolerance: Provides additional ferocity, further boosting your critical damage.


Trickery (Major Traits):

  • Bountiful Theft: Allows you to steal boons from enemies, enhancing your survivability.
  • Trickster: Provides condition cleanse when using tricks, which works well with the build's tricks. You can swap your heal skill to Withdraw for more condition cleansing if needed.
  • Sleight of Hand: Makes your Deadeye's Mark daze the target, triggering your Celerity sigil for quickness.


Elite Specialization (Deadeye):

  • Be Quick or Be Killed: Grants quickness upon using Deadeye's Mark, enabling you to chain kills and maintain high DPS.
  • Maleficent Seven (optional): If you anticipate longer battles where mobs don't die within four seconds, switch to this trait. In this case, also select Malicious Intent and Premeditation to maximize your initiative for sustained damage.


Strategies & Gameplay

Now that you have your gear and traits set up, it's time to understand the strategies and gameplay mechanics of the Dual Pistols Deadeye build:

  • Maximize Movement: Strafing is crucial to maintain your DPS as it allows you to face your target while moving. Use the forward and left/right keybinds for optimal movement speed. This ensures you can spam your Pistol 3 skill (Unload) effectively.
  • Mobility: The Relic of Speed combined with Thrill of the Crime will grant you permanent swiftness. This allows you to stay ahead of approaching mobs while continuously firing your Pistol 3 skill.
  • Positioning: Position yourself to avoid obstacles and enemy attacks while strafing. Keeping mobs in your frontal cone is essential for consistent damage output.
  • Boss Battles: Depending on your preference and the situation, choose between the bursty chain-killing variant (Be Quick or Be Killed) or the sustained damage option (Maleficent Seven). Adjust your traits accordingly.
  • Dodging and Survival: Dodge strategically to evade boss mechanics and attacks. Dagger Storm is a powerful utility skill that can serve as a secondary heal and a way to clear mobs quickly.
  • Mechanic Awareness: Pay attention to boss mechanics, such as jump attacks, cleaves, and shockwaves. Learn the patterns and adapt your movement accordingly to avoid damage.



The Dual Pistols Deadeye build is an exhilarating way to explore the open world of Guild Wars 2. With the right gear, traits, and gameplay strategies, you can quickly dispatch mobs and confidently take on challenging boss encounters. Whether you're looking for efficient chain-killing or sustained boss damage, this build has you covered. So, gear up, master your movement, and become the ultimate Deadeye in the world of Tyria. Good luck, and enjoy the fast-paced adventure!

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