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Guild Wars 2 Beastmaster Ranger Builds: Unique Playstyle & Powerful Impact

Are you tired of the same old Ranger builds in Guild Wars 2? Want to try something fresh, unique, and downright beastly? Look no further! In this guide, we'll delve deep into the world of the Beastmaster Ranger build, a power-oriented setup that lets you summon an army of animals to fight by your side. While it may not have the sustainability of some other builds, it packs a punch that's sure to leave you pleasantly surprised. 



Guild Wars 2 Beastmaster Ranger Builds: Unique Playstyle & Powerful Impact


Weapon Choices

The Beastmaster Ranger relies on a unique combination of weapons to maximize damage output. While it may not be the most conventional setup, it offers an exciting and effective playstyle. Equip a sword for your main hand, a warhorn for your offhand, and dual axes. Here's why each of these choices is essential:

  • Sword: The sword offers impressive damage output. It may not match the raw power of greatswords or hammers, but it gets the job done.
  • Warhorn: The warhorn not only complements your damage but also provides utility. The Hunter's Call ability summons a flock of birds to attack your enemies, while Call of the Wild grants swiftness and fury to all nearby allies.
  • Double Axe: The double axe, with its Whirling Defense (Offhand Axe 5) ability, deals significant damage in AoE situations. Pair it with other abilities to melt groups of enemies swiftly.


Skill Choices

Your skill choices are crucial in maximizing the potential of the Beastmaster Ranger build. Here's a breakdown of the essential skills:

  • Troll Unguent: This skill provides much-needed healing and sustain. Use it when your health is running low.
  • Quickening Zephyr: Use Quickening Zephyr both offensively and defensively. It grants you quickness, allowing you to unleash devastating attacks rapidly.
  • Protect Me (Elite Skill): This skill not only enhances your pet's capabilities but also provides two stun breaks and a massive damage modifier. Use it when you need extra survivability or want to amplify your pet's damage output.


Race and RP Elements

For a true RP experience with this build, choose the Norn race. Norn racial skills allow you to summon pets and transform, which align perfectly with the Beastmaster theme. When RPing as a Norn Ranger, consider using the Call Wurm and Call Owl skills to summon extra pets and use your warhorn to buff them further. Swap out your Elite skill for Become the Bear to fully embrace the Norn identity.


Trait Lines

Optimize your traits to maximize your damage potential. The chosen trait lines for the Beastmaster Ranger are:

  • Marksmanship: Provides a significant damage boost when swapping pets, refreshing opening strikes with fury, and an attack of opportunity on interrupts.
  • Skirmishing (2-1-3): Grants Fury uptime, increases ferocity with Fury, and allows more endurance via Vigor, which regenerates endurance 50% faster.
  • Beast Mastery: Enhances damage output through critical strikes, providing Might when you or your pet critically hit.


Gear and Runes

Gear is essential for maximizing damage output. Opt for Berserker's gear for the raw damage it provides. To balance your stats, select Marauder's gear for your rings, amulets, trinkets, and cloak.

  • Runes: Rune of the Cavalier offers a balance between damage and defense, with added movement speed for versatility. You can consider other runes, but this provides a well-rounded synergy with the build.
  • Sigils: Use Sigil of Force and Sigil of Rage for a burst of quickness and a flat 5% increase in outgoing damage.



Select the Hyena as your primary pet, as its special ability allows it to summon another hyena into combat. Your secondary pet can be of your choice; the Cheetah from the Elon Riverlands is a strong option due to its rapid strikes. You can also use the Ogre Pet Whistle to summon additional pets for added chaos on the battlefield.



Now, let's dive into the playstyle of the Beastmaster Ranger:

  • Summon your pets: Start by summoning your hyena allies and any other pets you have.
  • Buff your pets: Use your warhorn abilities to buff your pets for increased damage.
  • Activate Elite skill: Pop Protect Me to enhance your pets' abilities and provide added defenses.
  • Engage the enemy: Dive into combat with your sword and warhorn combo, stacking Might as you fight. Your basic attack combo will hit hard, and skills like Pounce can deal massive damage.
  • Weapon swap: Once you've exhausted your sword and warhorn abilities, swap to your double axes. Get up close to the target or pull more enemies in with Ax 4.
  • Whirling Defense: Activate Whirling Defense with your double axes for AoE damage.
  • Swap pets: Swap your pets during combat to keep the onslaught going.
  • Use Quickening Zephyr: When available, use Quickening Zephyr to maintain quickness and unleash your pet's extra damage abilities.
  • Rinse and repeat: Continuously switch between your weapon sets, procing Fury and dealing substantial damage.


Drawbacks and Customization

While the Beastmaster Ranger excels in damage output, it has some drawbacks:

  • It's a glass cannon with limited defenses.
  • Handling heavy damaging conditions can be problematic.
  • Limited crowd control capabilities.


Consider switching to the Nature Magic or Wilderness Survival trait lines for more sustain if needed.



In total, the Beastmaster Ranger build offers a unique and thematic playstyle that can be a breath of fresh air for Guild Wars 2 players. While it may not be the top DPS build, it brings a distinctive flavor to the game, allowing you to summon an army of animals to fight by your side. Whether you're an RP enthusiast or simply looking for something different, give the Beastmaster Ranger a try—you may find it's a wild ride worth taking. So, unleash the beasts, embrace the fury, and become the ultimate ranger in Tyria!

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