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Top 10 Most Coveted and Expensive Items in Guild Wars 2, 2023

Welcome to the dazzling world of Guild Wars 2, where epic adventures and treasures beyond imagination await. In this guide, we'll unveil the top 10 most expensive and rare items that have become legends among players. From eerie shoulder pads to ethereal swords and exclusive cosmetics, and offers a diverse range of items that command astonishing prices. 



Top 10 Most Coveted and Expensive Items in Guild Wars 2, 2023


Top10: Deathly Pauldron Skin

Starting our list is the eerie Deathly Pauldron Skin, a sought-after cosmetic item known for its haunting appearance. These shoulder pad skins were initially obtainable as a rare drop from the Mad King Chest, created using the Mystic Forge during the first Shadow of the Mad King event in 2012.


However, they were discontinued after the Halloween event ended that year, leaving players with no other way to obtain them. The rarity and unique appearance of these shoulder pads have caused their price to steadily rise over the years, currently fetching around 1,300 gold on the trading post.


Top 9: The Incinerator

Next up, we have the iconic dagger known as Incinerator. This legendary weapon is a blade of flame that bathes the area around your character in fiery brilliance, leaving flame footprints in your wake. Crafting The Incinerator is a challenging endeavor, requiring four components: the Gift of Mastery, the Gift of Fortune, the Gift of Incinerator, and the Spark. Due to its rarity and the long grind involved in obtaining it, The Incinerator is one of the most expensive legendary weapons in the game, commanding a price of approximately 2,200 gold on the trading post.


Top 8: Aurene's Wing

Aurene's Wing takes the eighth spot on our list, and it's a legendary short bow of unparalleled beauty. To craft this majestic bow, you'll need four items: the Gift of Aurene's Wing, Dragon Wing, the Gift of Jade Mastery, and the Draconic Tribute.


This bow is a part of the Aurene's Legendary Weapon Collection and is gifted to your character by the dragon Aurene herself, earned through completing various events and collecting specific materials. With its deep lore, stunning visuals, and legendary rarity, Orin's Wing commands a hefty price of 2,300 gold as of the date of this article.


Top 7: Eternity

Eternity, a mesmerizing greatsword, takes the seventh spot on our list. It is arguably one of the most unique and beautiful swords in any MMO. Crafted using the Mystic Forge, Eternity is the result of combining two other legendary swords, Twilight and Sunrise, which are themselves created by forging two swords each: Dusk and Dawn.


What sets Eternity apart is its ability to shift between the colors of day and night, making it a true work of art. Obtaining the materials for Eternity is a daunting task that can take months or even years. With its exceptional appearance and rarity, Eternity currently commands a price of around 4,600 gold.


Top 6: The Lingering Darkness

The Lingering Darkness takes the sixth spot on our list, and it is a container that holds one of the rarest cosmetic infusions in the game: the Moot of Darkness. This item is obtained by completing the Silent Surf Fractal in challenge mode. However, its drop rate is incredibly low, making it one of the rarest and most expensive items. As of this article's date, The Lingering Darkness is valued at around 4,800 gold on the trading post.


Top 5: The Preserved Queen Bee

Coming in at number five, we have Preserved Queen Bee, an extremely rare drop from the Vine Wrath Chest, which is obtained by successfully completing the Mordrem Vinewrath meta-event in the Silverwastes. This item's rarity is reflected in its price, making it the third most expensive item, with a trading post value of approximately 6,000 gold. Equipping this item gives your character a stunning cosmic aura of bees and a golden honeycomb trail, along with a unique honey-like splash effect upon death in open world or PvE scenarios.


Top 4: The Permanent Bank Access Contract

At number four, we have an item that needs no introduction: The Permanent Bank Access Contract. This invaluable item provides unrestricted access to your bank from anywhere in the game world, eliminating the need to run to the nearest bank. It's a must-have for dedicated traders and collectors, and for those who always find themselves with full inventories. Its usefulness and efficiency have made it the fourth most valuable item, with a trading post value of 6,150 gold as of this article.


Top 3: The Spinning Clockwork

Taking the third spot is Spinning Clockwork, another ultra-rare container that holds the Clockwork cosmetic infusion. This infusion is obtained as a rare chance reward from the challenge mode of The Old Lion's Arch Strike Mission. Its rarity is reflected in its price, which stands at a staggering 7,800 gold on the trading post as of this article.


Top 2: Glob of Dragonvoid Aether

The second most expensive item is the Glob of Dragonvoid Aether. This incredibly rare item is a chance reward from the Bounty of Dragon's End in the Jade World of Cantha. It contains a stat-changeable Echo of Dragonvoid cosmetic infusion. On the trading post, it commands a price of around 9,500 gold, reflecting its rarity and desirability.


Top 1: Chak Egg Sack

Topping our list as the most expensive item in the game is the Chak Egg Sack. This item is so elusive and expensive that the 10,000 gold limit on the Trading Post isn't enough to purchase it. The Chak Egg Sack drops from the Garrant Chest, which can be obtained by completing the King of the Jungle meta-event in Tangled Depths.


However, the drop chance is exceedingly low, leading many players to grind for years without success. Those looking to buy it often place orders of 10,000 gold and wait for months for a seller to appear. The Chak Egg Sack grants a unique cosmetic aura with blue and pink orbs around your character, a trail effect when moving, and a humorous animation of a jack popping out of your character's body upon death. It can even be converted into the Chak Infusion using the Mystic Forge.



As we conclude our exploration of the top 10 most expensive items , it's clear that these treasures are not only rare but also highly sought after by players. Whether you're a collector, a trader, or simply an adventurer looking to stand out, these items represent the pinnacle of achievement in the world of Tyria. Keep exploring the Guild Wars 2, and may your adventures be as valuable as these treasures. 

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