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New World Bow and Rapier Combine Bleed Builds: Extended Bleeds & High Mobility | Season 3

In this New World guide, we'll be diving into one of the most effective and fun builds – the Bow and Rapier PvP & PvE Bleed Build. This build is designed to maximize damage over time through bleeds and create a highly mobile and agile character that can excel in both PvP and PvE content. With careful gear selection, attribute allocation, and skill customization, you'll become a formidable force on the battlefield, applying relentless bleeds and dancing through encounters with unmatched agility. 



New World Bow and Rapier Combine Bleed Builds: Extended Bleeds & High Mobility | Season 3


Note: This guide is based on the information available up to New World Season 3. Please note that game balance and mechanics can change over time, so be sure to adapt as necessary.


Armor Setup

  • Featherweight Gear: We recommends using the Featherweight gear, which includes the Featherweight chest piece. This gear set provides weightless properties while maintaining physical and elemental resistance similar to regular light armor.
  • Choosing the Right Pieces: To achieve the perfect balance between mobility and resistance, mix heavy headwear, light gloves, light pants, and heavy boots with the Featherweight chest piece. This combination results in an equip load of 12.9, allowing you to reach the highest light armor rating.
  • Armor Perks: Prioritize Health and Enchanted Ward perks to increase your survivability, especially as a ranged DPS. Having four stacks of Enchanted Ward will grant you 16% reduced damage from light and heavy attacks. Additional armor perks can be customized according to your playstyle.


Weapon Selection

  • The Finisher Rapier: Obtain the Finisher Rapier, which can be found in the Legion Wilds. It drops from elephants in the Isle of Zerzvane. Due to high competition for this item, consider bringing a ranged weapon for efficient farming.
  • The Best-in-Slot Bow: We recommends using the Best-in-Slot bow, which he explains how to obtain in one of his previous videos. The bow should have the Aboral Attunement, Keenly Jagged, and Enchanted perks. These perks enhance your damage output, especially the Keenly Jagged perk, which inflicts a powerful bleed effect.
  • Gem Choices: Utilize the Aboral Electrify conversion gem on both your Rapier and Bow. This gem scales 40% of your damage dealt to lightning damage and inflicts a valuable nature poison proc. Consider experimenting with Opal gems if you prefer the damage-over-time effect.


Accessories and Consumables

  • Amulet: Prioritize Health, Thrust Protection, and the bonus Haste to enhance your mobility.
  • Ring: Look for a ring with Thrust Damage and consider adding a third perk for additional utility.
  • Earring: Nimble for health regen, potion cooldown, and mana potion healing. These effects will keep you in the fight longer.


Gem Slots: Customize your gem slots based on your server's meta and your preferred playstyle. We suggests using gems that enhance resistance against commonly encountered threats like Fire Staffs, Muskets, and more.


Perks and Attributes

New World Bow and Rapier Combine Bleed Builds Attributes

  • Attributes: Distribute your attributes as follows: 25 Strength (for light attack damage), 350 Dexterity (optimal for Bow damage), 110 Constitution (for extra health), and invest the rest into Intelligence to boost your Rapier damage.
  • Essential Perks: Choose perks like Hardy and Blood Letting to maximize your bleed damage potential.
  • Optional Perks: Depending on your preference, consider perks like Refreshing, Thrust Conditioning, and Flame Conditioning to further adapt to your opponents' tactics.


Resistances and Gems

  • Maintain a balanced 5% resistance across the board with specific emphasis on 23% Thrust and Fire resistances.
  • Experiment with different gem combinations to adapt your resistances based on your server's meta and common threats.


Ammunition and Consumables

  • Orichalcum Arrows: These are your preferred choice of ammunition for increased damage.
  • Bio Bomb and Cunning Variant: Use the Bio Bomb with the Cunning variant at 700 gear score to slow and exhaust your enemies, gaining a tactical advantage in combat.


Skills and Abilities

New World Bow and Rapier Bleed Builds Bow SkillNew World Bow and Rapier Bleed Builds Rapier Skill

  • Maximize your mobility and damage output with the right skill selection for both the Bow and Rapier.
  • Customize your skill tree to suit your preferred playstyle and adapt to different situations.


Combos and Tactics

  • Apply bleeds with both weapons, utilizing the Blood Letting perk for extended durations.
  • Make use of your mobility to stay out of harm's way while steadily chipping away at your opponents.
  • Coordinate with teammates to maximize the effectiveness of your bleeds and crowd control abilities.
  • Consider using Orcalcum Arrows for the Bow and the Biobomb (Cunning variant) for crowd control and additional damage.



  • Master the art of playing the Bow, utilizing its range and mobility.
  • Become proficient with the Rapier's unique moveset, emphasizing bleed effects.
  • Learn to combine Bow and Rapier attacks to control your enemies, maximizing your bleed damage.


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This New World Bow + Rapier PvP & PvE Bleed Build guide by We provides a comprehensive overview of the ideal build for players looking to excel in both solo and group play. By following these tips and optimizing your gear, attributes, and skills, you'll become a formidable force on the battlefield. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this build has the potential to elevate your New World experience to new heights. So, gear up, embrace the bleeding edge, and dominate your foes in Aeternum!

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