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ESO Update 40: New Jewelry Crafting System Guide

Welcome back, ESO enthusiasts! In this guide, we'll dive deep into the upcoming changes in ESO Jewelry Crafting with the release of Update 40. This update promises exciting alterations to the crafting system, particularly in the realm of jewelry crafting. With the introduction of Grand Master crafting stations and the resetting of the jewelry crafting skill line, players can expect a more streamlined and accessible crafting experience.


ESO Update 40: New Jewelry Crafting System Guide


Current Jewelry Crafting System

Before we delve into the changes, let's briefly recap the current state of jewelry crafting in ESO. Unlike other crafting skill lines (Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Clothing, Enchanting, etc.), jewelry crafting operates differently in terms of upgrading your items. In the existing system:


  • Refining raw materials yields dust, which is then transformed into grains.
  • Grains are combined to create plates.
  • Plates are used to upgrade your jewelry.


This intricate process has made jewelry crafting a time-consuming and resource-intensive endeavor.


The Upcoming Changes

With Update 40, jewelry crafting is about to undergo a significant overhaul to align it with other crafting skill lines. The key change revolves around the materials used for upgrading jewelry. Here's how it works:


  • Refining raw materials will directly yield plates, bypassing the need for grains.
  • To upgrade your jewelry, you'll need eight plates (previously four).


How to Acquire Plates?

Obtaining plates under the new system is akin to acquiring tempering alloys, rosin, or dreugh wax in other crafting skill lines. You can get plates through two primary methods:


  • Refining Raw Materials: Just as you would refine raw materials for other crafting skill lines, refining materials in jewelry crafting will yield plates directly.
  • Deconstructing Jewelry Items: Deconstructing jewelry items, particularly gold-quality ones, also provides plates.


Transitioning from the Old System to the New

Now, here's the fantastic part of the change – if you've invested time and resources into jewelry crafting before Update 40, your efforts won't go to waste. The transition is designed to be player-friendly:


  • Every grain you currently possess on live servers will be converted into one plate.
  • Every plate you currently own on live servers will be transformed into ten plates.


For example, if you have ten grains before the update, those will become ten plates, enough to upgrade an entire piece of jewelry. If you possess four plates now, they will become forty plates, making upgrading your jewelry a breeze.


The Impact on Crafting and the Economy

The introduction of these changes is poised to have a significant impact on ESO's crafting system and economy. The crafting system will become more accessible to players of all experience levels, eliminating the previously steep learning curve and resource demands.


The market dynamics are also expected to shift as players adapt to the new system. The changes should reduce the scarcity of upgraded jewelry, making it more accessible to a broader player base.



The impending changes in ESO's jewelry crafting system with Update 40 herald a more accessible, streamlined, and player-friendly approach. With a simplified upgrade process and the conversion of existing materials into a more valuable form, crafters can expect a smoother experience and broader access to jewelry crafting. So, get ready to save your gold materials, and embrace the new world of jewelry crafting in ESO!

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