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How to improve 1V1 defensive techniques in FC 24?

Are you tired of getting beaten in 1v1 situations in FC 24 and looking like a dummy on the field? Don't worry; we've got you covered. In this detailed guide, we'll teach you the essential techniques for defending effectively in 1v1 situations. While the game may have evolved, so has the art of defending. We'll cover everything from mastering the gas and brake technique to understanding when to use the jockey button and how to anticipate your opponent's moves.


How to improve 1V1 defensive techniques in FC 24?


Two Types of Jockeying

To become a proficient defender, it's crucial to understand the two types of jockeying in FC 24: the Speed Jockey and the Normal Jockey.

  • Speed Jockey: This technique involves holding both the R2 and L2 buttons simultaneously. It's faster than the normal jockey but is not recommended in most situations.
  • Normal Jockey: The normal jockey is activated by holding only the L2 button. This technique provides more control over your player's movements.


The Gas and Brake Technique

The Gas and Brake technique is a fundamental aspect of effective 1v1 defending. Think of the L2 button as the brake and R2 as the gas. When using this technique, you'll apply the brake when closing in on your opponent and hit the gas when you need to move away or close the gap. This method is particularly effective when your player has the jockey play style. Additionally, players with high defensive awareness will excel at jockeying.


The Importance of Defensive Awareness

In FC 24, mastering the art of jockeying is essential due to the overpowered dribbling mechanics. The higher your player's defensive awareness, the better your jockeying performance will be. This skill allows you to anticipate your opponent's moves more effectively and react accordingly.


Why Speed Jockey Isn't the Solution?

While the Speed Jockey may be enticing due to its speed, it is often not the best choice, especially inside the box. One wrong move while speed jockeying can lead to a disastrous outcome. Dribbling is incredibly powerful this year, making it essential to have more control over your player in 1v1 situations.


How to Master the Gas and Brake Technique?

To perfect the gas and brake technique, keep the following in mind:

  • Use L2 as the brake when you are closing in on the opponent.
  • Use R2 as the gas to move closer to your opponent or to regain possession of the ball.
  • Combine these techniques with the tackle button to regain possession.


Anticipation and Positioning

Anticipation is a key element of 1v1 defending. Position your defender diagonally to anticipate the opponent's moves. This allows you to cover multiple options even if the opponent does not follow the expected path. Additionally, understanding the opponent's weak foot, play style, and skill moves will help you anticipate their actions.


Avoid Panic Switching

Panic switching can lead to confusion and open up space for the opponent. When defending in a 1v1 situation, focus on one player and be passive-aggressive with that defender. Avoid switching frequently, as this can lead to poor positioning.


Timing Your Tackles

Tackling in FC 24 requires precise timing. Only tackle when the opponent is not in ball contact, and the ball is away from their feet. Other good opportunities to tackle include when the opponent is sprinting or after they exit a skill move. Timing is everything in successful 1v1 defending.


Expanding Your Body

When employing the normal jockey technique, expand your player's coverage by holding the L2 button. This allows you to cover more ground and hinders the opponent's ability to turn or pass effectively.


Case Studies

Reviewing real gameplay scenarios and applying the principles discussed in this tutorial will help you improve your 1v1 defending skills. Learn from your mistakes and focus on using the gas and brake technique, proper anticipation, and precise timing for tackles.



Mastering 1v1 defending in FC 24 is essential to becoming a successful player. The gas and brake technique, anticipation, and precise timing of tackles are the keys to improving your defensive skills. With practice and dedication, you can become a formidable defender and keep clean sheets in your matches. Good luck on the field!

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