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EAFC 24 3-5-2 Formation Guide: Custom Tactics and Instructions

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to dominate EAFC 24 with the 3-5-2 formation! In this guide, we will break down the custom tactics and player instructions that will help you win more games and crush your opponents. The 3-5-2 formation is highly effective if you love to build up your attacks and maintain a strong offensive presence. 



EAFC 24 3-5-2 Formation Guide: Custom Tactics and Instructions


Formation and Defensive Tactics

The 352 formation is all about balance, offering a solid defense and potent offense. While you can approach it with an aggressive or balanced playstyle, here's our recommended defensive setup:


  • Defensive Style: Balanced
  • Width: 38
  • Depth: 50 (adjust to your preference)


A balanced defensive style will help maintain a solid backline without overcommitting. Reducing the width to 38 allows you to control the middle areas effectively. Keep your depth around 50 to ensure that your defense isn't too high, which could lead to counter-attacks. Remember, the depth can vary based on your opponent's skill level.



When it comes to depth, it's essential to adjust it according to your playing style and your opponent's skill level. The default depth setting is 71, but be cautious. Using a high depth like 71 can be risky and lead to easy counters. To avoid conceding frequently, reduce your depth if you find it hard to handle high-pressure opponents. Adjust your depth based on your opponent; if they're stronger than you, lowering the depth is a wise choice to prevent costly mistakes.


Build-up Play

In the 352 formation, you have two options for build-up play: Long Ball and Slow Build-up Play. Choose the one that suits your style and proficiency:


  • Long Ball (for aggressive, counter-attacking play)
  • Slow Build-up Play (for a more controlled, patient approach)
  • Balanced (a safe choice that suits different playstyles)


Your choice between these build-up play styles largely depends on your preferences and proficiency. If you love quick counter-attacks, the Long Ball style can catch your opponent off guard. However, be cautious, as losing the ball can expose your back three.


Chance Creation

For chance creation, Forward Runs is the superior option in the 3-5-2 formation. It enhances your attacking options and provides more offensive depth. Avoid "Direct Passing" as it doesn't seem as effective. A width of 35 is recommended to ensure your team remains compact in the middle while offering flexibility to go wide when necessar



Set your width to 35, but within the game, consider using the Hug the Sidelines instruction for your left and right midfielders to stretch the formation further. The 352 formation can effectively mimic four distinct formations in one. This width adjustment allows for flexibility in your gameplay.


Player Instructions

Now let's dive into player instructions. Here are the recommended instructions for each position:

  • Left Mid and Right Mid: Come Back on Defense, Get in Behind, Get into the Box for Cross
  • CAM: Stay Forward, Get into the Box for Cross
  • Strikers: A combination of one tall and one short striker can be effective
  • CDMs: Cut Passing Lanes While Attacking
  • Left Back and Right Back: Stay Back While Attacking


When selecting players for left back and right back, prioritize high pace, high work rates, and strong defensive attributes. These players will be crucial in both attacking and defensive transitions.


Special Instructions

Consider placing a player with excellent passing ability in the CAM role. Having a player with a Pinged Pass playstyle can be particularly effective. This will help you distribute the ball efficiently from the backline to your attacking players.



The 3-5-2 formation is a versatile and powerful choice in FIFA 24 if used correctly. The tactics and instructions outlined in this guide will provide you with the tools to master this formation and win more games. Remember, adaptability is key, and don't hesitate to fine-tune your tactics based on your opponent's skill level and your own comfort. With practice and a deep understanding of these tactics, you can conquer the virtual pitch and become a formidable force in FIFA 24. Enjoy your journey to FIFA greatness!

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