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ESO 2023 Class Tier List Guide: Find Your Perfect Playstyle

Welcome to the definitive Elder Scrolls Online class tier list for 2023! In this guide, we'll assess and rank each class based on various criteria to help you choose the right one for your gameplay style. This tier list will provide valuable insights into class choices for both PVE and PVP content. We'll discuss the strengths, weaknesses, and overall enjoyment of each class, helping you make an informed decision.


ESO 2023 Class Tier List Guide: Find Your Perfect Playstyle


Magicka and Stamina Classes

Before we begin, let's clarify that we won't separate classes into Magicka and Stamina categories. Our reasoning is that many classes incorporate both Magicka and Stamina abilities, and the lines between them can often blur. We'll consider them as a unified whole and evaluate them based on their overall performance.


Tier Definitions

To make this guide easier to understand, we've divided classes into four tiers: S, A, B, C and D. Here's a quick overview of what each tier represents:


  • S Tier: These are the top-tier classes, highly recommended with minimal drawbacks. They excel in multiple aspects and are generally enjoyable to play.
  • A Tier: Classes in this tier are above average. They have some strengths but may also have certain drawbacks. They're solid choices for most players.
  • B Tier: Classes in the B tier are considered average. They might not shine in any specific area, and their abilities may not synergize as well. They can be suitable for some but may lack the wow factor.
  • C and D Tier: This tier includes classes that may not be ideal choices. They have notable drawbacks, and we recommend avoiding them.


Class Rankings

  • Archinist (S Tier): The Archinist is an excellent choice for both new and experienced players. Versatile in various types of content, with clear distinctions between DPS, tanking, and healing roles. The synergy of abilities and overall feel makes it a top pick.
  • Sorcerer (A Tier): Sorcerers provide pet-based gameplay for PvE, making them accessible for all. While not the top choice for the min-maxers, they excel in solo content, questing, and PvP. Enjoy a unique playstyle with minimal barriers to entry.
  • Templar (S Tier): Templars are the "do-it-all" class, excelling in various roles. Perfect for newer players looking for easy accessibility and versatility. Ideal for PvE, PvP, and even Arenas, offering solid performance in each.
  • Nightblade (A Tier): Nightblades are unique and fun, ideal for stealthy gameplay and questing. While they may not top the parsing charts, they provide a dynamic experience. Highly recommended for their versatility and engagement.
  • Dragon Knight (A Tier): Dragon Knights are strong recommendations for PvP due to their easy-to-learn abilities and synergy. They perform decently in PvE, but the rotations can be challenging. A balanced choice that excels in player versus player content.
  • Necromancer (B Tier): The Necromancer is a bit complex, which might not be suitable for newcomers. Strong in Stamina and PvP, but challenging rotations for both PvE and PvP. Be cautious about using Necromancer skills in cities to avoid bounties.
  • Warden (B Tier): The Warden's PvE performance can be convoluted, with complex rotations. In PvP, the class can become formulaic, relying heavily on specific skills. Consider it if you enjoy unique gameplay, but it needs more supportive sets.



This concludes our Elder Scrolls Online class tier list for 2023. Remember, tier lists are subjective, and personal preferences play a significant role in class selection. Choose the class that suits your playstyle and enjoy your adventures in Tamriel. Whether you prefer the versatile Templar or the stealthy Nightblade, ESO offers a variety of classes to suit your needs. Share your thoughts in the comments and let us know which class you find the most enjoyable.

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