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Guild War 2 Dragonfall Farming Guide: Make 30+ Gold Per Hour

Dive into the lucrative world of gold farming in Guild Wars 2 with our guide for Dragonfall. Discover the secrets to earn 30 gold or more per hour on this mesmerizing map. Learn how to maximize your profits, navigate the meta events, and make the most out of your time in Dragonfall. Get ready to embark on an exciting gold-making adventure!



Guild War 2 Dragonfall Farming Guide: Make 30+ Gold Per Hour


Obtaining Gold in Dragonfall

To start your gold-making journey in Dragonfall, you'll need to obtain Mistborn Keys. Here's the step-by-step process:

  • Complete Events: Engage in various map events to acquire Mistborn Keys.
  • Unlock Mistborn Coffers: Use your keys to unlock Mistborn Coffers.
  • Flag Events: Actively participate in and complete as many events as possible.
  • Collect Mistborn Motes: Harvest Mistborn Motes during your adventures.


If Dragonfall is the daily Living World Season 4 map, even better, as you're guaranteed Karma, Mistborn Motes, and Volatile Magic from chests. Now, let's delve into how this farming strategy works:


Farming Method

  • Event Progression: Start at the initial location and follow the three NPCs to the designated camps.
  • Organized Group: Ideally, join an organized group to complete each event one by one, yielding three Mistborn Keys and Coffers for each.
  • Champion Defeat: After defeating the champion at the end of an event, use a Waypoint to move to the next camp.
  • Flagging Enemies: Your role is to flag as many enemies and events as possible, contributing to your group's success.
  • Harvest Mistborn Motes: Keep an eye out for Mistborn Motes, as they'll be valuable later in the farming process.


Leveling Up Camps

In Dragonfall, there are two types of events: regular events that reward one Mistborn Key and Champion events that give three keys. The goal is to level up the camps to tier four before the main event starts. Here's what you need to do:

  • Complete Events: Focus on completing both regular and Champion events.
  • Preparation for Meta: Level up camps to tier four before the meta event begins.
  • Event Sequence: Once the meta event starts, attend each event, flagging enemies and completing objectives for maximum rewards.


Meta Event

The main meta event in Dragonfall revolves around destroying branded crystals. After destroying six of them, three champions will spawn, and they need to be defeated simultaneously. The rest of the crystals can then be destroyed. It's a straightforward process.


After completing the meta event, you'll receive Memories of Orin, which can be sold for Gw2 gold. Additionally, you'll find a cluster of Mistborn Coffers at the Landing Zone. Open them before proceeding to the Champion Train.


Champion Train

Once the meta event is complete, a Champion Train begins. You'll need a total of 21 Mistborn Keys to open all the Mistborn Coffers that spawn during this train. As a new player to this map, follow the commander. With experience, you'll become more self-sufficient.


Remember not to burst your full rotation on the bosses, as some players may take longer to reach the fight. After defeating a champion, loot the three Mistborn Coffers they spawn before moving on to the next one.


Maximizing Gold

To maximize your gold earnings in Dragonfall, consider the following:

  • Karmic Retribution: Acquire Karmic Retribution for the map, which costs 16,000 Volatile Magic and 30 gold. This provides 200 Karma for each defeated enemy.
  • Use Buffs: Utilize buffs like Magic Find Boosters, Birthday Boosters, or food items like Chocolate Omnomberry Cream to increase your gold find and magic find.
  • Consume Mistborn Motes: Use the Mistborn Motes obtained during the meta event to buy trophy shipments from Volatile Magic NPCs and sell tier five and six materials for instant gold.
  • Sell Unneeded Items: Don't forget to sell Globes of Ectoplasm, rare unidentified gear, materials, and any other items you don't need.


If you're playing in the EU region, there's a group called DFC that runs Dragonfall metas efficiently, and you can check them out for a well-organized experience.



In total, Dragonfall gold farming is a well-refined process that can yield significant profits. Remember to adapt these strategies to your playstyle and enjoy your gold-making journey in Guild Wars 2. If you found this guide helpful, consider subscribing, liking, and supporting the channel for more content. Good luck on your adventures in Tyria!

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