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NHL 24 Best Setting and Strategies Guide: You Need To Know

Welcome to the ultimate NHL 24 guide! In this tutorial, we'll explore the best settings and strategies for both offense and defense, designed to help you become a formidable force in online play.  From mastering the Total Control scheme to optimizing your lineup, camera settings, and more, we'll provide the insights you need to dominate on the ice. So, lace up your virtual skates, and let's get started on your journey to NHL gaming glory!


NHL 24 Best Setting and Strategies Guide: You Need To Know



  • Total Control Scheme: NHL 24 introduces the Total Control scheme, replacing the traditional Skill Stick for players. While some may miss the hybrid controls, Total Control is a superior choice once you get used to it. We'll guide you on how to use it effectively.
  • Controller Settings: Turn off "Auto backcap" to maintain better control while defending against online opponents. Disable controller vibration to avoid distractions during gameplay. Leave the online pass assist percentage at 100 for optimal AI assistance in passing.
  • Visual Settings: Choose the camera angle that suits your gameplay style. Options include Classic, Overhead, and Zone. We recommend Zone for the best overview of both offensive and defensive plays.
  • Lineup Management: Ensure your forwards have opposite-handed players on the left and right wings to set up one-timers effectively. Arrange your defensive lineup so that right-handed defensemen are on the right side and left-handed defensemen on the left side for optimal one-timer setups.


Offensive Strategies

  • Overview: NHL 24 offers three primary offensive strategies: Overload, Crash the Net, and Behind the Net. Behind the Net is the recommended choice for its versatility and effectiveness.
  • Sliders: While most sliders might not significantly impact gameplay, one setting that matters is the "Blocking" slider. Set it to "Don't block" to ensure your AI players won't obstruct the goalie's view, making screening more effective.
  • Team Strategies: Customize your team's strategies based on your opponent's playing style. Use "1-2-2 Aggressive" as the default setting to capitalize on the game's aggressive mechanics.


Behind the Net Strategy

  • Types of Goals: Low far-side shots are a highly effective way to score goals in NHL 24, both by going in and creating rebound opportunities. They are also essential for building your full pressure meter.
  • Behind the Net Basics: When implementing the Behind the Net strategy, your forward will rotate behind the net, while two other forwards position themselves for opportunities. The key is to observe your opponent's defensive movements and make quick reads to exploit their positioning.
  • Effective Plays: Look for opportunities where the defender doesn't cover your far-side winger and try to pass the puck behind the net. Utilize backskating to set up quick shots on the weak side and create high-quality chances.
  • Tip Shots: Tip shots can be highly effective when executed correctly. They require precise control and positioning, but they can be difficult to defend against if timed well.


Defensive Strategies

  • Neutral Zone Defense: In the neutral zone during the rush, avoid going for big hits or pressuring the puck carrier. Instead, control a forward to take away their first passing option.
  • Defensive Pressure: Adjust your defensive pressure settings based on your opponent's playing style. Use "1-2-2 Red" for players who focus on passing and "1-2-2 Aggressive" for aggressive opponents.
  • Neutral Zone Play: Customize your strategies for the neutral zone based on your opponent. The "1-4" strategy is effective against puck carriers, while the "1-3-1" helps defend against pass-heavy players.
  • Defending the Rush: Sit your defenseman at the blue line and use a forward to take away your opponent's first read. This can disrupt their plays and create turnovers.


Team Strategies

  • Defensive Zone Strategy: Use the "Collapsing Protect Net" and "Tight Point" strategy to defend against aggressive opponents. This can help clog up the slot and prevent easy scoring chances.
  • Offensive Zone Strategy: Experiment with different offensive pressure and breakout options based on your opponent's playstyle. "Leave Zone Early" and "Close Support" are effective strategies to consider.



This guide serves as a foundation to enhance your NHL 24 gameplay. Remember, practice makes perfect, and soon you'll be dominating online play. By implementing these settings and strategies, you'll have a solid foundation for improving your NHL 24 gameplay.  Stay tuned for more advanced tips and tactics in upcoming guide, and feel free to share your feedback and questions in the comments

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