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Top 4 Mistakes Elite Players Should Avoid in EA FC 24

In this guide, we'll delve into the top 4 mistakes that hinder your gameplay, distinguishing them from the habits of elite and pro players. We'll provide expert insights and practical strategies to elevate your performance, covering critical aspects like teammate containment, defensive tactics, L1 triggers, and anticipation. Follow these tips to refine your skills and reach the pinnacle of FC 24 gameplay.



Top 4 Mistakes Elite Players Should Avoid in EA FC 24


Mistake #1: Avoiding Teammate Containment

One common mistake that even elite players make is overusing teammate containment. This can hinder your gameplay significantly. When you lose possession of the ball, refrain from using teammate containment and resist the urge to chase opponents with your CDM or center back. Here's why:


  • Create Space: Using teammate containment aggressively pulls your players out of position, leaving gaps in your defense.
  • Counterattack Vulnerability: If you lose the ball and your center back or CDM is out of position, it's easier for your opponent to execute a counterattack.
  • Tactical Play: Your opponent can exploit the space you leave behind, making it harder for you to defend effectively.


Mistake #2: Rushing Out with Center Backs

Running out with your center backs is a common mistake, but elite players do it strategically. Here's why you should avoid this tactic:


  • Elite Intuition: Top players know when to switch to their center back and when to retreat. They use this tactic sparingly and with precise timing.
  • Defensive Recovery: If you make a mistake and rush out, it's crucial to immediately run back with your remaining center back to cover the gap.
  • Pass Control: When in trouble, avoid passing the ball to another player, as it can lead to turnovers. Instead, take a touch, create space, and make safer decisions.


Mistake #3: Neglecting L1 Triggers

Elite players consistently use L1 triggers to their advantage, creating space and making effective runs. It's a simple but powerful tool to enhance your gameplay:


  • Player Movement: When you need a player to make a run, use L1 triggers to instruct them to move. It's crucial for offense and creating goal-scoring opportunities.
  • Defensive Manipulation: L1 triggers also work defensively to adjust the positioning of your players, making it harder for your opponent to exploit gaps in your defense.


Mistake #4: Lack of Anticipation

Elite players excel at anticipating their opponent's moves and adjusting their own strategy accordingly. Here's how to improve your anticipation skills:


  • Defensive Readiness: Anticipate your opponent's actions to prevent mistakes and turnovers. Don't rush in to close down passing lanes; instead, position yourself strategically.
  • Control and Recovery: Be ready to switch players, covering both passing lanes and potential runs. Anticipate where the danger is and react accordingly.
  • Defensive Mastery: Being one step ahead of your opponent can give you the upper hand in critical defensive situations.



In total, mastering these key aspects can significantly enhance your FC 24 gameplay. Start by avoiding teammate containment, implementing smart defensive tactics, leveraging L1 triggers, and improving your anticipation skills. Elevate your game, reach your full potential, and stay ahead of the competition in the FC 24 world.

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