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Madden 24 I-Form Close Formation Guide: Unstoppable Offense

Are you looking to dominate Madden NFL 24 with an overpowered offense? Look no further! In this guide, we'll dive deep into the I-Form Close formation, a versatile offensive scheme that can help you achieve a 100% success rate. This formation offers explosive running plays, glitch routes, and the potential for one-play touchdowns against any defense post-patch. 



Madden 24 I-Form Close Formation Guide: Unstoppable Offense


I-Form Close Formation

The I-form close formation is the centerpiece of this unstoppable offense. It offers a combination of explosive running plays, glitch routes, and one-play touchdowns against almost every defense. This formation utilizes five linemen, two tight ends, with one of them acting as a fullback.


The recent patch has made this formation even more potent due to the changes in the Adaptive AI feature. This update ensures the AI will only react to your run plays when the defense has the same number of linemen and linebackers as your offense has lineman and tight ends. As most popular defenses are nickel packages, the I-form close becomes a go-to formation.



To keep your opponents guessing and maximize your offensive options, make use of audibles. Here are some recommended audibles for this offense:

  • Double Outs: This play features speed-out routes on both sides, capable of beating most defenses except Cover 2 Zone.
  • PA Tight End Leak: A one-play touchdown option that can score against various defensive setups.
  • PA Deep Cross Go: Ideal for beating both man and zone coverage over the middle of the field.
  • Inside Run Plays: Since the I-Form Close formation has limited run plays, use your last audible slot to switch between Zone Week and Halfback ISO, which are both inside run plays. The goal is to avoid activating the Adaptive AI by not running the same play twice in a row.
  • Halfback Stretch: Another potent run play. If concerned about the Adaptive AI, switch to Halfback Toss in the next play to keep your opponent guessing.


Identifying Weaknesses

To exploit your opponent's defense effectively, you need to identify their weaknesses on each play. Look for two key elements:

  • Inside Gaps: If there are gaps in the interior line, focus on running through them.
  • Outside Leverage: If your tackle or tight end has outside leverage over the defense's outside linebacker or defensive end, consider running to the outside.


Offensive Strategy

The key to success with this offense is to exploit your opponent's defense by finding inside gaps or targeting areas with outside leverage. Look for situations where your tackle or tight end is wider than the outside linebacker or defensive end. These gaps are prime opportunities to exploit. Be sure to alternate between run plays to keep the AI guessing.


Utilize motion to your advantage. Fake motions can help you hide your true intentions and keep your opponent off-balance. When facing smaller defenses, like nickel packages, consider using a hurry-up offense and implement fake motions to maintain your advantage.


Balancing your playcalling is crucial. Maintain a mix of running and passing plays to keep your opponent guessing. If your opponent counters your run game with a nickel package, consider passing plays like the PA Deep Cross Go or Double Outs.


When playing against a Cover 3 or Cover 1 defense, make the right pre-snap adjustments to take advantage of their weaknesses. Utilize motion to out-position defenders, and make sure your primary reads are open underneath. Also, pay attention to the safeties and recognize when they're out of position.



Though we focused mainly on the offense in this guide, having a solid defense is equally important. Consider using a scheme like the Big Nickel Over G, which can effectively stop opponents and create turnovers. For a more in-depth look at this defense, check out our separate guide.



Mastering the I-form close formation and its audibles will give you a potent offense in Madden NFL 24. It's essential to adapt to your opponent's defense, use motion to your advantage, and maintain a balanced playcalling approach. With patience and practice, you'll find yourself consistently scoring touchdowns and dominating your opponents.

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