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FC 24 Best 41212(2) Formation Guide: Custom Tactics and Player Instructions

If you've been searching for the perfect formula to dominate the FC 24 pitch, look no further. In this guide, we delve deep into the 41212(2) formation — a setup that has taken the FC 24 universe by storm. From custom tactics to player instructions, we've conducted exhaustive tests post the first patch to bring you the best strategies.


FC 24 Best 41212(2) Formation Guide: Custom Tactics and Player Instructions


Why 41212(2)?

While many players traditionally employ the 442 formation for its defensive solidity, the 41212 (2) provides a narrower setup, which appeals to those who prefer to congest the central areas. The narrowness of this formation offers superior central defense, which can be vital against certain opponents.


Defensive Tactics

Defensive Style:

  • Choose "Balanced" for your defensive style.
  • Opt for "Pressure on Heavy Touch."

Explanation: By using balanced defensive style, your team will maintain a solid defensive shape without overcommitting to tackles. "Pressure on Heavy Touch" ensures that your team presses effectively when your opponent makes a mistake or loses control of the ball.


Depth and Width:

  • Depth: 55
  • Width: 50

Explanation: The formation's narrow nature can make it challenging to defend against wider formations. By keeping the width at 50 and depth at 55, you strike a balance between staying compact in defense and not leaving yourself too exposed to counter-attacks.


Build-up Play

Passing Style:

  • Opt for "Long Ball."

Explanation: "Long Ball" encourages your players to make runs in behind the opposition's defense, which can be especially effective if your forwards have good pace and positioning.


Forward Runs:

  • Choose "Direct Passing" if you have agile, quick players.
  • Choose "Forward Runs" if you prefer a more aggressive, all-out attacking approach.

Explanation: The choice between "Direct Passing" and "Forward Runs" depends on your playstyle. Direct Passing suits players with great agility and balance, while Forward Runs can be more effective if you want all your players to surge forward.


Player Instructions


  • Set both strikers to "Stay Central" and "Stay Forward."
  • For one striker, consider enabling "Get in Behind."

Explanation: Keeping both strikers central ensures they remain in positions to receive the ball. The "Get in Behind" instruction is ideal for one of the strikers to make piercing runs behind the defense.


Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM):

  • Place a player with excellent passing and dribbling skills in this position.
  • Enable "Stay Forward."

Explanation: Your CAM should act as a creative playmaker, staying forward to support the attack and distribute key passes.


Central Midfielders (CMs):

  • For one CM, use "Stay Back While Attacking" and "Cover Center."
  • For the other CM, use "Get into the Box for Cross" or "Balanced."

Explanation: This setup provides balance in your midfield. One CM stays back to defend, while the other can contribute to attacks.


Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM):

  • Place a defensively strong and pacey player here.
  • Enable "Stay Back While Attacking" and "Cover Wing."

Explanation: Your CDM's primary role is to shield the defense and provide support to the fullbacks when they venture forward.


Fullbacks and Goalkeeper

  • Set both fullbacks to "Stay Back While Attacking."
  • Leave your goalkeeper on "Balanced."

Explanation: The fullbacks should prioritize their defensive duties to maintain a solid backline. Your goalkeeper should be well-rounded to deal with various situations.



By implementing these custom tactics and player instructions in the 41212(2) formation, you'll have a well-structured team that can effectively attack and defend. Remember to adjust these instructions based on your players' attributes and your preferred playing style. Whether you're looking to climb the ranks in online play or enjoy FIFA 24 with your friends, these tactics will enhance your gameplay and lead you to more victories on the virtual pitch. 

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