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New World Butcher Artifact Guide: Why is it the best choice for a bleed build?

If you've been exploring the mystical lands of Aeternum, you're likely familiar with the endless possibilities and challenges that await. In this guide, we delve into the Butcher artifact, a fascinating addition to the game. Discover how this one-handed sword artifact, obtained from a mutated Dynasty Shipyard, can revolutionize your gameplay with its unique ability to extend bleeds by 33%. We'll explore its skills, potential synergies, and provide insights into how it can become a game-changer for your character's build. 



New World Butcher Artifact Guide: Why is it the best choice for a bleed build?



The Butcher artifact is a one-handed sword, and what sets it apart is its unique property: bleeds last 33% longer. This effect applies to both weapons, making it an ideal choice when paired with a weapon that has a substantial bleeding component. Additionally, the artifact offers the unique skill Jagged Whirls.


Jagged Whirls: Whirling Blade will inflict a bleed that deals 10% weapon damage for 6 seconds. Keep in mind that the six-second duration doesn't factor in the 33% bleed extension.


The artifact comes with the weapon perk Empowering Whirling Blade, which, admittedly, has low uptime and is rather niche. This perk activates when you have three or more enemies within a certain radius, granting a 52% base damage increase with the attack. While it might not be the most valuable perk, it's worth considering. The Butcher artifact also introduces Keenly Jagged, which is a bleed that benefits from the weapon's extended bleed duration.


How to Obtain the Butcher Artifact?

The Butcher artifact can be obtained from a mutated version of the Dynasty Shipyard, specifically on at least mutation one. We was fortunate enough to acquire it on my first attempt with some luck gear equipped. Although it's unclear if luck gear affects the drop rate, it might be worth trying.


Weapon Combinations

We've found that the spear is the most obvious choice to pair with the Butcher artifact. However, other weapons could work well with it too. Here are some suggestions:


  • Spear: The spear pairs excellently with the Butcher artifact. For the spear, prioritize Bleed Sweep on your weapon as it's a powerful combination with the Butcher's bleed extension. You might also consider Fleeting Skewer on the body for a 24% weaken. In a perfect world, aim for a combination of Bleed Sweep, Attunement, and possibly Trenchant Ren or Trenchant Recovery.
  • Great Sword: The great sword also offers synergy with the Butcher artifact. Consider using a Serenity Great Sword with a Trenchant Recovery perk to make the most of the bleed extension.
  • Rapier: The rapier can work well due to its rapid attacks and inherent bleeds. This combination might provide you with an agile and deadly playstyle.
  • Bow: Surprisingly, the bow can be a fun pairing with the Butcher artifact, primarily due to the Rain of Arrows skill, which inflicts long bleeds. Consider a light armor build for increased mobility.
  • Light Armor Sword and Shield: Combine the Butcher with a light armor build that includes a sword and shield for a well-balanced playstyle.


Managing Bleeds and Synergy

The extended bleed duration provided by the Butcher artifact is fantastic for generating Rage Runes. Every tick of damage contributes to generating these valuable resources, enabling you to use your ultimate abilities more frequently. The Coup de Grace follow-up from Bleed Sweep is considered a heavy attack, which means it benefits from any perks that enhance heavy attacks, such as Trenchant Recovery and Trenchant Rend.


Potential Counters

One potential counter to the Butcher build is heavy armor users with the Headrush artifact, as this setup significantly reduces the duration of your damage over time effects. However, this counter is relatively rare, and the Butcher can still be effective due to its stunning and direct damage capabilities.



The Butcher Artifact in New World is a powerful addition to any bleed-focused build. It makes your bleeds last 33% longer and adds extra utility to the Whirling Blade skill. Paired with the right weapon, such as the spear or great sword, it can lead to devastating damage over time and crowd control. While there are potential counters, the Butcher Artifact is an excellent choice for any player who loves the thrill of inflicting bleeds on their enemies.

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