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How to effectively counter the powerful 71 Depth in FC 24?

In FIFA 24, the 71 depth has become a common strategy used by many players to apply high-pressure tactics, making it challenging to maintain possession and control the game. This high-pressure strategy has become a favorite among players, but with the right tactics, you can break through the defensive lines, seize possession, and dominate the game. In this guide, we'll explore a step-by-step approach that focuses on tactical setup, intelligent use of your goalkeeper, hugging the sidelines, employing a slow build-up style, and implementing creative runs. 



How to effectively counter the powerful 71 Depth in FC 24?


Tactical Setup

Before diving into gameplay tactics, it's essential to have your team set up correctly. For this guide, we'll use the 4-2-3-1 formation. Here are the basic instructions for your team:


  • Formation: 4-2-3-1
  • Defensive Style: Balanced
  • Width: 70
  • Players in Box: 5
  • Corners: 3
  • Free Kicks: 3


Utilize Goalkeeper as the Third Player

The primary concept to remember when facing the 71 depth meta is that your goalkeeper can act as your third player to break the pressure. Here's how to do it:

  • When your opponent presses you intensely, allow the first line of pressure to approach you.
  • Observe your radar to identify open players. Typically, your full-backs may be left unmarked.
  • Execute a driven pass to your free player, such as your left back.
  • You can also pass to your left-winger to initiate the attack.


This tactic involves creating a third option for yourself by involving your goalkeeper. Utilizing driven pass ensures a swift and accurate delivery, and from there, you can trigger L1 runs or make other passes to break down the opponent's defense.


Hug the Sidelines

When you find yourself under intense pressure in the 71 depth meta, hugging the sidelines can provide you with more passing options and room to breathe. Here's how it works:

  • Keep your full-backs wide, which can be achieved through your tactical settings.
  • By positioning your players on the flanks, you create additional passing lanes and reduce the risk of being overwhelmed in the center.


This strategy enables you to switch the play effectively and exploit the wider areas of the pitch.


Slow Build-Up Play

If you're uncomfortable with possession play, opting for a slower build-up style can help you regain your composure. Here's how to use slow build-up play effectively:

  • Set your build-up play to "Balanced" in the tactics menu.
  • A balanced build-up encourages your players to maintain their positions and support the ball carrier.
  • Use the L1 trigger to initiate runs and create space in the middle and on the wings.
  • The central attacking midfielder (CAM) in the 4-2-3-1 formation plays a crucial role in connecting your midfield and attack. Utilize this position to ensure a seamless transition from midfield to the final third.


FC 24 4231 Formation


Long Balls

Long balls can be an effective strategy when facing high-pressure tactics. By switching to a more direct approach, you can bypass the first line of pressure. Adjust your tactics as follows:

  • Set your build-up play to "Long Ball" for a more direct style.
  • Use the L1 trigger for player runs to create options when distributing long passes.
  • The objective is to break through the opposition's defensive line quickly.


Player Lock and Creative Runs

For more advanced players, player locking and using creative runs can help you navigate the 71 depth meta. Here's how to use these techniques:

  • Trigger a player lock and switch to a player off the ball.
  • Use creative runs (L1 or R1) to make runs and create opportunities.
  • Timing is essential for executing these moves effectively.


Player lock and creative runs allow you to control specific players' movements and create unpredictable patterns, catching your opponent off guard.



The 71 depth meta can be challenging to beat, but with the right tactics and gameplay strategies, you can regain control and dominate the pitch in FIFA 24. Whether you prefer patient build-up play, direct long balls, or creative runs, adapting your tactics to your gameplay style is key. With practice, you can consistently outmaneuver opponents using the 71 depth strategy and improve your FIFA skills.

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