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Madden 24 Big Nickel Over G Defense Guide: Plays, Setups and Strategies

Do you want to overwhelm your opponents with powerful defenses in Madden 24, leaving them frustrated and helpless? Look no further! In this guide, we'll show you how to master the Big Nickel Over G defense, one of the most versatile and potent defensive formations. With the right adjustments and strategies, you can completely shut down your opponent and take control of the game. We'll cover this defense various plays, setups, and strategies.


Madden 24 Big Nickel Over G Defense Guide: Plays, Setups and Strategies


Setting Up

Before we dive into the specific plays and strategies, it's crucial to understand the basics of setting up your defense in the Big Nickel Over G formation. Here are the key components to consider:


Personnel Selection:

Determine whether you want more linebackers or safeties on the field based on your opponent's playcalling. Linebackers are better for stopping the run, while safeties are preferable for pass-heavy opponents.


Zone Coverage:

Set your zone coverage to "Match" and make sure your flats and curl flats are set to "Default". This ensures that your defenders will play man-to-man coverage and respond effectively to your opponent's routes.


Auto Alignment:

Use the "Base" auto alignment to ensure that your defense lines up consistently.


Cover 6 Trap 

Madden 24 Cover 6 Trap Formations

One of the go-to defenses in the Big Nickel formation is the Cover 6 Trap. This formation provides a solid balance of coverage and pass rush, making it a versatile choice against most opponents. Here's how to set it up:

  • In this formation, you don't need to make many adjustments. Just ensure that your safeties are in position and ready to match the routes.
  • If you expect your opponent to run the ball, pinch your defensive line for better run defense.
  • If it's third and long or fourth and long, spread your defensive line for increased pass rush.
  • Use your middle linebacker or safety to cover the middle of the field.
  • The soft squats in this defense, with matching coverage enabled, will take away deep passing lanes and make it challenging for your opponent to find open receivers.


Cover 4 Palms

Madden 24 Cover 4 Palms Formation

Cover 4 Palms is an excellent run defense in the Big Nickel formation, making it an ideal choice when you anticipate your opponent running the ball. Here's how to set it up:

  • Select this formation when you expect a run-heavy offense, particularly if your opponent lines up under center with multiple tight ends.
  • Pinch your defensive line to strengthen your inside run defense.
  • If your opponent is in shotgun formation, hard flat your cornerbacks to take away the outside run.
  • This formation combines inside run support from safeties with better containment on the outside.


SS Blitz Series

Madden 24 SS Blitz 1,2,3 Formation

The Big Nickel formation offers multiple blitz packages, including the SS Blitz series. These blitzes provide excellent pressure on the quarterback. Here's how to set up and run one of these blitzes:

  • You have the option to choose from the SS Blitz 1, SS Blitz 2, or SS Blitz 3. The setup is similar for all three.
  • Place your fast cornerback or safety in the slot on the side you want to blitz. This player will be a key component of the pressure.
  • Pinch your defensive line for a quicker pass rush.
  • If you anticipate a pass, guess pass to enhance your coverage.
  • Hover over the gap you anticipate the blitz will come through before dropping back into coverage.
  • Be aware of the receivers' routes and jump on any quick openings to force turnovers.


The Casino Blitz

Madden 24 The Casino Blitz Formation

The Casino Blitz combines elements from the SS Blitz and Linebacker Blitz setups. It's an all-out pressure tactic that can overwhelm your opponent:

  1. Start the play with the Casino Blitz.
  2. Identify the receiver who is not covered by a defender. Drop down and cover this receiver.
  3. Pinch the defensive line to boost your pass rush.
  4. If your opponent is expected to pass, guess pass to enhance your coverage.
  5. Hover over the gap before dropping back into coverage.



In total, the above is covered some of the most effective defensive strategies in the Big Nickel Over G formation in Madden 24. By mastering these setups, you can dominate your opponents, whether they favor running or passing. Remember that defense is all about anticipating your opponent's moves and reacting accordingly.

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