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ESO 2023 Quick Level Up Detailed Guide: Tips & Strategies

Are you looking to level up quickly in Elder Scrolls Online in 2023? You're in the right place! This guide will break down different methods to help you level up fast, considering players at different stages of the game, from newbies to midgame and endgame players. We'll discuss various tips and strategies, including experience-boosting gear, scrolls, and specific farming locations. So, let's jump right into it!


ESO 2023 Quick Level Up Detailed Guide: Tips & Strategies


Traits and Experience Gain

Before we delve into specific strategies, it's essential to understand how experience gain works in ESO. Many players believe that wearing training gear is a must for leveling up quickly, but that's not entirely true. You can level up without it, and we'll provide options for both scenarios.

  • Training Gear: If you decide to wear training gear, the best set for leveling up is the Heartland Conqueror with the training trait on the weapon. This set increases the effectiveness of your weapon trait by 100%, effectively providing additional training experience.
  • Alternative Sets: For players who don't want to rely on training gear, the Twice-Born set is an excellent choice. It grants access to two Mundus Stones, ensuring consistent benefits as you level up, unlike other sets that become less effective over time.


Remember that training gear and alternative sets primarily boost experience gained from kills. If you're engaging in activities like PvP or completing Battlegrounds, the experience won't count towards your training gear's bonus.


Experience Scrolls and Potions

Experience Scrolls are valuable tools to enhance your leveling journey. You can acquire these scrolls through log-in rewards, level-up rewards, and various in-game activities. It's essential to keep these scrolls active during your XP-grinding sessions, even if you're just questing or exploring.


Experience scrolls are available in different percentages, with 150% being the most potent. Additionally, you can find potion versions of these scrolls in the Crown Store, which can be purchased from Guild Traders. However, keep in mind that potion and scroll buffs don't stack, and they are equal. Utilize them based on your preference and availability.


During special events like The Witches Festival, you can also benefit from double XP events, which stack with experience scrolls to provide significant experience bonuses.


Additional Ways to Increase XP

Apart from gear and scrolls, several other methods can help you maximize your experience gain:

  • Marriage: In ESO, getting married and wearing a wedding ring can grant you a 10% XP bonus. This can be a nice boost for those seeking faster leveling, but it's not a must.
  • Grouping: When you are grouped with others, you gain a 10% additional experience bonus. This bonus decreases with more people in the group. So, consider grouping up with a friend while farming for an extra experience boost.


Leveling Strategies

Now, let's explore specific strategies for leveling up fast in ESO, suitable for different stages of gameplay:

  • Brand New Players: If you're just starting out, the Alak'r Desert is an excellent zone to focus on. Completing world events in this area can provide significant experience. The events spawn many players, making it easy to join groups. Utilize guilds to find groups and get to way shrines efficiently.
  • Mid-Game Players: For mid-game players, consider daily battlegrounds and daily dungeons. You can queue for the easiest dungeons available, making it accessible and beneficial for players around level 17 and above.
  • Spellscar: This farming location in Krag'lor is an excellent mid-game option. You can farm experience efficiently and use interrupts to make the process easier. It's also friendly for duos.
  • Skyreach Catacombs: Round two of the Black Rose Prison Arena in Murkmire is an excellent choice for leveling. It's versatile, efficient, and can be done solo, in duos, or with companions.


DLC Areas (Endgame)

For endgame players, certain DLC areas can offer great experience farming opportunities:

  • Coldharbour: This Overland farming area has weak zombies that can be efficiently cleared for experience. It's ideal for those who want a solo or less crowded farming spot.
  • Green Shade: Varanvoras in Green Shade is another Overland area with ample enemies, resembling zombies, that you can loop and kill for experience. Completing a related quest can make these creatures non-hostile.
  • Bear Farm in Bankorai: If you prefer an Overland area with a variety of rewards, the Bear Farm in Bangkorai offers a unique experience. You'll encounter mobs, including bears, and can loop and kill them for XP. Additionally, you can collect valuable resources.


Honorable Mentions

These are some alternative locations that may suit your preferences or offer more variety:

  • Sentinel in Alik'r Desert: Fight weak zombies in the main city of Sentinel.
  • Coldharbour: In this area, you can farm zombies as well. It's ideal for solo players.
  • Varan'tor in Green Shade: Visit the Varan'tor Mora area, where you can farm mobs efficiently.
  • Bear Farm in Bangkorai: You can farm bears for XP, and it's also an excellent spot for raw hide scraps, which can be valuable.



Leveling up fast in ESO in 2023 is achievable by employing various strategies that cater to your playstyle and level of experience. Whether you're a brand new player, a mid-game adventurer, or an endgame champion, there are suitable methods to help you progress swiftly. Don't forget to make the most of training gear, experience scrolls, and other XP-enhancing options to expedite your journey through Tamriel. Whether you choose to focus on overland farming, dungeons, or DLC areas, these strategies will help you become a more powerful and skilled adventurer in ESO. Enjoy your leveling journey!

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