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New World New Changes: Shirk Heals Nerf & New Upgradeable Gear

Hey, fellow New World adventurers! Today we're going to delve into some exciting changes that the developers are rolling out. Specifically, we'll be discussing the upcoming ability to upgrade your PVP reward track items to a 700 gear score and choose the last perk, a feature that wasn't possible before. We'll also be delving into the recent Shirk Heals nerf and its implications for the game's meta, complete with some math to illustrate the impact. 



New World New Changes: Shirk Heals Nerf & New Upgradeable Gear


Upgradeable Gear Pieces

Let's start by exploring the gear pieces that are set to be upgraded and why they are so significant. You can find the list of these items on the New World database under "items" by selecting "upgradeable" and "named" while choosing "PVP reward track" as the acquisition source. These items include armor pieces, weapons, shields, and some jewelry.


The changes are particularly noteworthy because they weren't upgradeable before. So, whether you're into PVE or PVP, these upgraded items will be crucial to your success.

  • Armor Pieces: The armor pieces will be available through Track One.
  • Weapons: The specific location for the weapon pieces is not mentioned, but they are included in the PVP reward track.
  • Shields: These can be found among the armor pieces in Track One.
  • Jewelry: Earrings and rings, which are part of Track Two, can also be upgraded.


These upgraded pieces will likely become essential for both PVE and PVP players. For instance, New World Refreshing Ward Perk Icon Refreshing Ward is expected to be viable in PVE for tank builds, as it allows for better crowd control reduction (CDR), more abilities, and increased protection for your allies. In PVP, Refreshing Ward can be particularly potent with certain weapons like the Blunderbuss, where each pellet counts as an active hit, proccing Refreshing Ward multiple times.


Medium Armor and Refreshing Evasion

For medium armor users, the introduction of Refreshing Evasion is particularly useful. It complements one-shot-kill (OTK) combo builds, such as the spear and shield build showcased by Welps. This new perk allows you to trigger Refreshing Evasion per dodge, which synergizes with the spear's passive effect, granting up to 10% CDR for each dodge and attack combination. This greatly enhances your ability to chain attacks and perform devastating combos in combat.


Light Armor & Magnify

While light armor users may not be as excited about these upgrades due to the preference for a different attribute, it's essential to note that these upgraded pieces don't require Magnify. This provides a degree of flexibility in optimizing your gear, even for light armor users, who typically favor Constitution.


Optimizing Weapons

The upgradeable weapons present intriguing possibilities, as some of these items feature perk combinations that cannot be naturally rolled elsewhere. For example, the Flint Stick, which may already be in the possession of some players, can become the best-in-slot fire staff. Similarly, the Life Staff can now have Blessing, Refreshing Move, and a customizable last perk, making it even more versatile.


Champions Amulet & Versatility

One of the most noteworthy upgrades is the Champions Amulet New World Champions Amulet Icon . With Health, Stamina Recovery, and the ability to select the final perk, it becomes a versatile piece suitable for both PVE and PVP scenarios. You can tailor the last perk to suit your specific build or adapt to different metas. This amulet offers incredible flexibility and potential as a best-in-slot option.


Jewelry & Trade-Offs

While many of the upgraded jewelry pieces have exciting potential, it's important to consider the trade-offs. For instance, the Champions Ring allows you to swap out Invigorated and Punishment for other perks, but achieving both Fire Damage and Keen Awareness might prove challenging without going down an unconventional perk route.


Shirk Heals Nerf

The shirking heals New World Shirk Heals Iconperk has been a game-changer in the New World meta, offering substantial healing potential. However, it was recently discovered that the in-game description understated the healing amount. The actual healing was much higher than indicated. The developers have announced their intention to nerf this perk to bring it in line with the stated 1.5% healing.


The math behind this change reveals that the nerf will be quite substantial. At its current healing rate, Shirk Heals is a powerful healing tool, but after the first lever is pulled, which will change the healing to 1.5%, it will lose approximately 60% of its effectiveness. If the second lever is also pulled, making the healing 1.5%, the effectiveness will decrease by 50%.


It's important to note that while the shirking heals nerf is significant, it's not necessarily the end of the perk's viability. In smaller-scale scenarios where healers are scarce, it may still be a valuable choice. However, in larger-scale gameplay with consistent access to healers, other perks may become more favorable.



In summary, the ability to upgrade PVP reward track items to 700 gear score and choose the last perk is a game-changer. These items will likely be essential for both PVE and PVP players. As for the Shirk Heals nerf, it's going to significantly reduce its effectiveness, but it may not be the end of the world. Players will adapt and find alternative strategies and perks that suit their playstyle.

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