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New World Season 3 Warlock Build: Great Axe + Void Gauntlet Weapon Combine

Welcome to our guide on the Warlock build for New World, a spooky and unique character setup designed for PvE content. In this build, we harness the power of the abyss, focusing on a combination of the Great Axe and Void Gauntlet. If you're looking for something different and enjoy dealing heavy void damage while maintaining a distinctive playstyle, the Warlock build might be perfect for you. 



New World Season 3 Warlock Build: Great Axe + Void Gauntlet Weapon Combine


The Abyss

The core of the Warlock Build is New World The Abyss Icon the Abyss, a Great Axe. To acquire this formidable weapon, you'll need to close corrupted breaches, particularly the level 65 ones. It doesn't matter if they are major or minor breaches. The Abyss is unique as it scales off your Intelligence, converts 99% of its damage to Void, and deals 15% more damage when your Mana is below 100%. To take full advantage of this, we'll pair the Abyss with a Mage weapon.

New World The Abyss


Ideal Abyss Upgrades:

  • Infeeling Maelstrom: This powerful ability pulls in enemies, weakens them, and does Void damage. It's fantastic for clumping up enemies for maximum damage.
  • Gravity Well: A must-have for Great Axe users, as it groups enemies together effectively, allowing your team to focus their firepower.
  • Reap: While it's a personal preference, Reap helps pull enemies even closer, making it easier to clear them out quickly. You can experiment with other abilities as well.


Recommended Passives:

  • Abyssal Achievement: Adds more Void damage to your attacks.
  • Putrifying Scream: A useful debuff that reduces enemy healing.
  • Keen: Cooldown reduction is vital for maintaining a steady stream of abilities.


Weapon Mastery:

  • Maelstrom: Enhances Infeeling Maelstrom.
  • Gravity Well: Improves the utility of Gravity Well.
  • Reap: Enhances the Reap ability, or you can choose another ability that suits your playstyle.
  • Bloodlust: A great choice for instantly gaining benefits from swapping weapons.


Void Gauntlet

To fully harness the power of the Abyss, we'll pair it with a Void Gauntlet. While the ideal Void Gauntlet would have the Albor Element, Putrifying Scream, and Keen abilities, you can work with what you have initially. Opt for perks that enhance your Void damage and utility.

New World Void Gauntlet


Recommended Passives:

  • Void Caller: Provides an extra aura for damage and some healing.
  • Baleful Tether or All of Decay: Depending on whether you are dealing with groups of mobs or single-target bosses, switch between these passives to maximize your effectiveness.


Remember to avoid perks that increase your Mana regeneration, as we want to keep our Mana below 100% for the Abyss to deal maximum damage.



For this build, we need to allocate our attribute points strategically to maximize its potential. Here's a breakdown of the recommended attribute distribution:

  • 100 Constitution: Ensures your survival.
  • 50 Focus: Increases damage and provides extra incoming healing, which can be beneficial.
  • Intelligence: Allocate most of your points here to boost your damage. You can experiment with a few points in Focus or other attributes as well.


While we primarily focus on Intelligence, strength or dexterity doesn't significantly impact this build. Additionally, be cautious about investing in Focus, as it can increase your Mana regeneration rate, which we want to keep low.



Your gear plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the Warlock Build. Here are the recommended gear pieces and attributes:

  • Helm: Isabella's Gaze - Provides extra survivability. Increases Void damage output.
  • Chest: Empress's Sty Embroidered Tunic - Offers additional health and faster ability cooldowns. Essential for using Gravity Well efficiently.
  • Gloves: Of Your Choice -  Prioritize Health and Void damage.
  • Pants: Atune Leather Pants - Increases your durability
  • Boots: Of Your Choice - Prioritize Health and ability cooldown reduction. Enhances your Void damage output.
  • Rings: Heartrending Voidring (Ideally) - Health, extra damage, and lifesteal make these rings perfect for this build.
  • Earrings: Of Your Choice - Prioritize health and healing.
  • Amulet: Highly Adaptable - The amulet you choose can vary based on the content you're tackling. Health and protection against specific damage types can be crucial.
  • Weapon Coatings: Choose based on your enemies - Use coatings that provide extra damage against specific enemy types in your expeditions.



  • Honing Stone: Increases your damage output.
  • Stat Food (Fruit Salad): Enhances your Intelligence, which is essential for this build.
  • Health Food (Fruit Salad): Provides additional survivability.
  • Desert Sunrise: Reduces the duration of damage over time effects, useful in mutated expeditions.


Gear Crafting and Upgrading

You can craft some of the gear mentioned in this guide at the Gypsum Kiln using dense mutator material. Look for the AO Crystal equipment, as it offers good base stats that are easy to upgrade. Consider crafting the Empress Zhou's Embroidered Tunic and the Heartrending Voidring. Additionally, the Mutator-Named Replicas section at the Gypsum Kiln provides a variety of gear that can serve as placeholders until you acquire your ideal pieces.



The Warlock Build excels in PvE content, especially during expeditions, where it can both deal damage and provide utility. The Abyss's Void damage, paired with the control offered by the Void Gauntlet, allows you to unleash powerful attacks and weaken enemies. Gravity Well New World Gravity Well Icon clumps enemies together, making it easier for your team to focus their fire. The Reap ability can further group enemies for maximum damage output.


Remember that maintaining your Mana below 100% is essential for maximizing the Abyss's damage. Be cautious about equipment and abilities that increase Mana regeneration, as it goes against the build's core concept.



The Warlock Build is a unique and thematic approach to playing New World. It offers a balance of damage output and utility, making it an excellent choice for PvE content, particularly expeditions. While it might not be the top choice for everyone, it brings a touch of the arcane to the game. Whether you're pulling enemies into the void or unleashing dark powers, the Warlock Build is sure to make your New World experience truly enchanting. Remember to experiment,

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