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FFXIV 6.51 Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon Guide: All 12 Routes

Welcome to our guide on tackling the variant mode of the Aloalo Isle dungeon in FFXIV, introduced in Patch 6.51. In this guide, we will explore all 12 available routes within this dungeon, including the secrets, choices, and strategies for each route. By the end of this guide, you'll have a better understanding of how to navigate these routes, unlock rewards, and conquer this captivating dungeon.



FFXIV 6.51 Aloalo Island Variant Dungeon Guide: All 12 Routes


Path 1: An Almost Uninhabited Island

The first route is relatively straightforward. Follow the left path as usual, defeating the dungeon's initial mobs and the first boss. After this, you'll encounter Mattia, who wants to go fishing. For this route, decline his fishing request, and he will run off for safety after a monster attack. Continue through the dungeon, defeat the final boss, and Path 1 is complete.


Path 2: Pioneers of Aloalo Island

This time, stick to the left path again. However, allow Mattia to go fishing. He will initiate a brief cutscene, and you must give him bait from the sand pile on the right side. The type of bait you choose affects the monsters and mechanics for the final boss. After defeating these newly spawned monsters, proceed to defeat the final boss as usual to unlock Path 2.


Path 3: Deity Ruling Over Sky and Ocean

Follow the left path once more and let Mattia fish. This action will trigger another cutscene. Head to the stone pile on the left side, which will introduce different monsters and alter the final boss mechanics. Defeat the new monsters and the final boss, and you'll unlock Path 3.


Path 4: A Poisonous Offering

Now, we'll explore the middle paths, starting with Path 4. Kill the mobs on this path, but avoid stepping on too many flowers as it triggers a watercolor change. Continue through the dungeon, defeat the boss, and Path 4 is complete.


Path 5: Unearthing Arcane Origins

Path 5 is similar to Path 4, but with an additional twist. As you proceed along the middle path, you'll encounter two hidden paths on the left. These paths contain armadillo-like creatures. Scare them away and defeat the boss for a different outcome.


Path 6: Beneath the Canopy of the Majestic Tree

On the middle path once again, but this time, interact with a circle on the floor featuring a Triant and caterpillars. Defeat the Triant first, and then the caterpillars inside the circle. This will open a new path with different monsters and eventually lead to the final boss, unlocking Path 6.


Path 7: A Cherished Companion

Continuing on the middle path, you'll find a circle on the floor with a Triant and caterpillars. To unlock Path 7, follow the same procedure as Path 6. However, this time, avoid hitting the treasure hunter named Makoto. Let her run away, and then proceed to the final boss.


Path 8: Mental Nourishment from Fish

Path 8 follows the same path as Path 7, but with a slight change. Kill the Triant first and then the caterpillars within the circle. This time, you should hit the treasure hunter Makot as you approach. Her reaction will lead to a different path with new monsters. Defeat them and the final boss to complete Path 8.


Path 9: A Well-Known Tale

Moving to the right path, interact with a fairy who offers you secrets. Accept her secrets to be teleported to a room with a portal. Clear the monsters, and defeat the final boss to unlock Path 9.


Path 10: Traces of Belief that Linger

Still on the right path, deny the fairy's offer three times in a row. Mattia creates a new path, and you must proceed without the fairy's assistance. Avoid opening any treasure chests you encounter and pull a lever to access the final boss, completing Path 10.


Path 11: A Dilemma: Lalafell or a Fish?

On the right path once more, deny the fairy three times again. Mattia creates a new path, but this time, touch and fight the middle treasure chest, which spawns mimics. Defeat the mimics, and continue to the final boss, unlocking Path 11.


Path 12: Fountain of Gilded Memories

This is the secret path with intricate steps. Deny the fairy three times, and Mattia creates a hole. Reach a room with a lever, and perform a ritual based on the hints from a notebook. Follow the instructions to activate statues and open a passage to the secret boss. Defeat the secret boss to complete Path 12.



Upon finishing all 12 routes, return to the dungeon entrance and claim your reward, the Spectral Stasis Mount, an avatar of the mischievous fairy from the lower Isle. This stunning mount offers a unique flying experience.



The Aloalo Isle Variant Dungeon in Patch 6.51 offers a rich and immersive experience with multiple routes, secrets, and diverse outcomes. With this guide, you are well-equipped to explore all 12 routes and unlock your coveted rewards. Enjoy the journey and stay tuned for more exciting content in Final Fantasy XIV's Dawn Trail expansion!

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