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Is Featherweight the Best Choice for Damage Mitigation in New World?

This guide delves into the effectiveness of Featherweight in optimizing damage mitigation in New World, comparing it with light and medium armor setups. We examine Tumble Feetwraps and pit them against Void Darkplate for medium armor users. The analysis considers base armor class differences and highlights the benefits of Featherweight in light armor. We also touch on the use of Nimble Coat, mitigation perks, and their impact on character builds. 



Is Featherweight the Best Choice for Damage Mitigation in New World?


Before we dive into the analysis, a few quick Public Service Announcements (PSAs) to keep in mind:


  • Chromatic Ward Bug: Chromatic Ward is currently bugged in the live patch, rendering it ineffective. Avoid using it until the issue is resolved.
  • Discord Resources: Discord community offers valuable resources, including an armor calculator for optimizing gear with a 700 gear score. These tools can help you make informed decisions about your build.
  • Subscriptions: Community has grown significantly, and it's a great time to show your support by subscribing to content creators like Mikro to help them reach their goals.



Now, let's delve into the analysis!


Base Armor Class Comparison

In the New World, your choice of armor class has a significant impact on your character's damage mitigation. For our analysis, we'll focus on base armor classes: light and medium. Let's consider how they affect damage mitigation:


  • Light Armor: Light armor provides a base damage mitigation benefit compared to medium armor. With a focus on base armor class alone, light armor mitigates more damage.
  • Medium Armor: Medium armor offers a slight damage mitigation advantage over light armor at its base level. It reduces damage taken by approximately 14%, making it a valuable choice for many players.


Featherweight vs. Other Armor Setups

Now, let's explore the impact of Featherweight, an armor set that can be worn with light armor, on your character's damage mitigation.


  • Featherweight in Light Armor: Featherweight, when paired with light armor, grants an additional 5% damage mitigation. This might seem modest, but the real advantage is that it multiplies all your other bonuses. For instance, if you're using a sturdy shield or fortify effects, this 5% becomes more significant, making Featherweight an optimal choice for light armor setups.
  • Featherweight in Medium Armor: Featherweight does not offer a substantial damage mitigation bonus when combined with medium armor. It only provides around a 1% damage reduction benefit. This suggests that Featherweight is more effective with light armor.


Void Darkplate vs. Featherweight

Now, let's compare Void DarkPlate with Featherweight when used in medium armor setups.


  • Void Darkplate in Medium Armor: Void Darkplate is an excellent choice for medium armor setups, offering a 47% damage mitigation benefit. It significantly outperforms Featherweight in terms of consistent damage reduction.
  • Tumble Feetwraps (TBWR) vs. Void Darkplate: Tumble Feetwraps is another artifact that competes with Void Darkplate in medium armor setups. TBWR provides a 24% fortify bonus for 5 seconds upon activation. This bonus appears attractive, but it's essential to consider its uptime. Depending on how often TBWR's effect procs (usually around 60%), it might provide a smaller damage mitigation benefit than Void Darkplate, which is consistent at 47%.


Use Cases for TBWR: TBWR is particularly beneficial for melee-focused builds. In scenarios with consistent close combat engagements, TBWR can offer better damage mitigation. However, in situations with more ranged combat, Void Darkplate may be the superior choice.


Additional Benefits of TBWR: TBWR offers healing based on your max HP and a 15% damage bonus, making it a versatile option for players who do not have dedicated healers on their team.


Considerations for Featherweight and Nimble Coat

Some players have been contemplating switching from Featherweight to Nimble Coat for cooldown reduction. However, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind:


  • Fortify-Based Bonuses: If your build relies on fortify-based effects, Featherweight is crucial for optimizing your damage mitigation. Nimble Coat can be a viable alternative, but it's essential to have accurate warding with gem slots and strong base damage reduction effects like Elemental Aversion or Enchanted Ward.
  • Mitigation Perks: Mitigation perks like strike conditioning have gained attention, offering another layer of damage mitigation. Strike conditioning perks are attractive, especially for builds focused on particular damage types (e.g., thrust or strike). These perks scale quadratically, making them highly effective for certain playstyles.



In summary, the choice of armor class and artifacts in New World can significantly impact your character's damage mitigation. Featherweight is most effective when paired with light armor, offering a substantial damage mitigation bonus. In contrast, Void Darkplate is an excellent choice for medium armor setups, providing consistent and reliable damage reduction. Tumble Feetwraps can excel in close combat situations but may lose some effectiveness in ranged battles.


Players looking to optimize their builds should consider the impact of fortify-based bonuses and mitigation perks like strike conditioning, which can offer additional layers of protection.


As New World continues to evolve, it's essential to stay informed and adapt your build to the changing meta. We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into optimizing your character's damage mitigation in the game. 

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