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New World Season 3 Flail and Sword Assassin PVP Build Guide

In New World Season 3, we tried a lot of different weapon combo builds. Flail and Sword Assassin Build performed amazingly well in PVP. So how to maximise the potential of the Flail and Sword combo, offering exceptional DPS for your PvP endeavours. The core of the build is the devastating Flare combo, which includes precise steps and timing to unleash a powerful onslaught on your opponents.


New World Season 3 Flail and Sword Assassin PVP Build Guide


The Flare Combo

The core of this build is the deadly Flare combo, which goes as follows:


  • Start with Shield Rush.
  • Follow up with Shield Bash.
  • Roll behind your target.
  • Hit them with a light attack.
  • Immediately trigger Arcane Eruption.


To execute this combo effectively, you'll want to practice the timing of your light attack and Arcane Eruption. After Shield Rush, spam left-clicks and cancel into Arcane Eruption just before you land your light attack. This sequence allows you to land all hits of the combo, ensuring maximum damage. If your target somehow survives this onslaught, you can finish them off with Smite.


Adjusting the Combo

Here are a few tips to fine-tune your combo based on the situation:


  • If you're chasing a Dexterity (DEX) player, consider skipping Shield Bash as they can escape the stun. Instead, proceed with the light attack and Eruption.
  • Pay attention to your distance from the target when using Eruption. The hitbox is at the tip of the Flail, so make sure your chain goes through the target to maximize damage.


Note: You can roll out of the animation after the first hit of Eruption, making it a relatively safe option.


Gear and Stats

Now, let's talk about the gear and stats that make this build truly devastating.

New World Seaosn 3 Assassin Build Flail and Sword Skill



  • Three medium pieces of armor are required for the build. Opt for gloves, legs, and shoes.
  • Prioritize Arcane damage increase and defensive perks like Health, Enchanted Ward, and Shocking on your gear.
  • Consider crafting the Simon Gray set from Gypsum Ken for the desired stats.



  • For the Flail, use the "Heavy Chain" from Barnacles, with KY-Jaed and Powerful Eruption locked in.
  • Equip Arcane Room Glass in one gem slot.
  • The Sword of the Champion is your secondary weapon, with Penetrating Backstep and Achievement locked in.
  • Use Arcane Room Glass in the gem slot.


Build Stats:

  • Aim for 350 Strength, 100 Focus, and 150 Constitution.
  • The focus is on Strength for the primary damage output, while Constitution provides a solid health pool for survivability.



  • Upgrade your Shield Rush for 20% Weaken and 30% Slow, making your Flare combo more effective.
  • Shield Rush's shorter animation helps you roll out faster and increases your survivability.
  • Upgrade Shield Bash for improved damage and utility.



  • Use an Amulet with Stamina Recovery as the last perk.
  • Opt for a ring with Strike damage increase.
  • Prioritize Hardy and consider perks like Motivation or Invigorating Punishment.



  • Craft a Heavy Earring at Gypsum Can using Dense Leather material.
  • Lock in Health and Nimble. Nimble complements your Strength build with its increased stamina regeneration.
  • Rolling Refreshing or Regeneration are also valuable options for earring perks.


Evasion Tree:

  • Customize your Evasion Tree based on your preferred playstyle.
  • If you're not using Leadership, you can opt for upgrades from Shield Rush, like Weaken and Slow for crowd control and additional sustain.


Flare Tree:

  • Skip the Eruption upgrade that removes Impairment stacks, as they increase your Eruption's damage.
  • Invest in passives that boost your Flare combo damage and utility.



And there you have it, the ultimate Flail and Sword Assassin build for New World Season 3 PvP. This build provides a deadly combination of strength, control, and utility, making you a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With practice and the right gear, you can take on any opponent and emerge victorious.


If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to leave a comment or join my live stream on both YouTube and Twitch. I hope you enjoy playing this build and achieving PvP greatness. Good luck out there, and may your enemies tremble before the Flail Assassin!

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