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New World Season 4 Unannounced New Artifacts: Perks & Gameplay Impact

New World PTR has surprised players with the introduction of new artifacts, along with significant changes to existing ones. These artifacts bring a fresh perspective to gameplay and have the potential to reshape the meta. In this guide, we'll delve into these artifacts, their perks, and potential game-changing impacts on various playstyles.



New World Season 4 Unannounced New Artifacts: Perks & Gameplay Impact


1. Ocean's Peace - Earring Artifact


  • Rejuvenation: Provides 2% Health, 2 Stamina, and 2 Mana per second.
  • Potion Cooldown Increase: Potion cooldowns are increased by 75%.
  • Refreshing Lock: Valuable perk for an earring.
  • Healing Heart: Additional perk.

Extremely strong for tanks, offering continuous regeneration and stamina gain. Concerns about potion cooldown increase and its viability in different game modes. Potential application for tanking roles, with some considerations for other roles. Further testing needed on PTR to gauge its effectiveness in various scenarios.


2. Deep Freeze - Ice Gauntlet Artifact


  • Chilling End: Frozen, rooted, or chilled enemies take 15% additional damage.
  • Unbroken Winds: Windshield deals 40% more damage; hitting six times in a row roots the target.
  • Ref Move: Additional perk.

Specialized for ice gauntlet users focusing on windchill. Controversial perk with Unbroken Winds, as not favored by many players. Clear purpose for windchill ice gauntlet playstyle. Potential for creative combos with windchill, providing unique damage opportunities.


3. Vengeance - Life Staff Artifact


  • Extra damage on expert skills.
  • Perks include Keep Beacon, Ref Move, and Enchanted.
  • Primarily designed for damage rather than serious healing.

Geared towards a meme or aggressive damage-focused life staff build. Unlikely to be a popular choice for serious healing. Potential for experimentation with aggressive Paladin or flail builds.


4. The Unmoved - Heavy Boots Artifact


  • Unmovable: Immune to displacement.
  • Git Ward and Physical Aversion: Additional perks.

Potentially the strongest heavy artifact for many situations. Bug concerns regarding its effectiveness against certain abilities Stagger immunity without 300 con, making it versatile for PvP and possibly PvE. Considered a strong counter to stagger-focused strategies.


5. Koya's Knee Guards - Light Legs Artifact


  • 33% Physical Aversion against ranged physical attacks.

Valuable for players frequently targeted by ranged physical attacks. Consideration for healers facing ranged threats. Potential synergy with Elemental Aversion for a balanced defensive profile. A versatile choice depending on individual playstyles and threats.


6. Boltcaster - Bow Artifact


  • Enchanted, Shing Lightning, Elemental damage conversion.
  • Bolt: Stuns targets with Health for 0.5 seconds.

Elemental damage conversion with potential drawbacks. Stun effect with no apparent internal cooldown. Potential impact on PvP scenarios. Upcoming gear changes might counterbalance its strength.


7. Winged Leather Shoes - Medium Boots Artifact


  • Speedy: Increases the base duration of haste by 50%.
  • Refreshing, Freedom: Additional perks.

Haste increase perceived as minor. Initial disappointment with perceived lack of movement speed or cooldown reduction. Potentially less popular compared to other artifacts. Awaiting further clarification or changes from developers.


8. Mastermind - Ring Artifact


  • Expert skills deal 13% more damage, but basic attacks deal 25% less damage.
  • Refreshing, Nimble Hard: Additional perks.

Offers a unique playstyle for certain builds. Potential synergy with ability-focused builds. Limitations due to Refreshing Locked perk. Versatility with different builds but trade-offs with other perks.


9. Gladiator - Round Shield Artifact


  • Keenly Empowered, Random perk from a specific bucket.

Criticism for perceived lackluster perks. Keenly Empowered introduces diversity but may not satisfy all players. Versatility through the ability to choose a perk from a specified pool. Controversial opinions regarding its overall usefulness.


10. Quickdraw Gloves - Light Gloves Artifact


  • Refreshing, Freedom, Nimble Coat: Additional perks.
  • Season Pass reward at level 100.

Strong perks, especially for players primarily targeted by melee attacks. Season Pass reward, encouraging player engagement. Potential competition with Coya's Knee Guards in specific scenarios. Further testing needed to gauge its effectiveness.



New World's PTR has unveiled a plethora of unannounced artifacts, each with its unique perks and potential impact on the game's meta. From tanking earring artifacts to specialized ice gauntlets, the game is poised for exciting changes. Players should experiment, adapt, and strategize with these artifacts to stay ahead in the evolving world of Aeternum. Stay tuned for upcoming changes and updates as the community explores these artifacts on the PTR.

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