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7 Tips To Help You Become A Master Passer in Madden 24?

Are you ready to elevate your Madden 24 passing game to new heights? If interceptions and missed opportunities have been plaguing your matches, fret not! In this guide, we'll delve into seven must-know tips that are guaranteed to transform you into a master passer. From pocket presence to pass leading, route combinations to strategic blocking, we've got you covered. Get ready to revolutionize your Madden experience and become the quarterback your team deserves!


7 Tips To Help You Become A Master Passer in Madden 24?


Tip 1. Climbing the Pocket and Setting Your Feet

The foundation of successful passing in Madden 24 lies in your ability to climb the pocket and set your feet before throwing the ball. This fundamental skill maximizes your accuracy and minimizes the distance between you and the receiver. To practice this:


  • Enter practice mode and face random defensive formations.
  • Use the left joystick to inch up in the pocket while maintaining your QB's stance.
  • Set your QB's feet before making the throw.
  • Avoid drifting backwards, as this compromises accuracy and invites more sacks.


Remember, standing tall in the pocket and setting your feet are keys to accurate passes. Refrain from falling back into old habits of drifting away from the pocket.


Tip 2. Pass Leading

Pass leading is a technique that allows you to place the ball precisely where your receiver can catch it while keeping defenders at bay. Use the left joystick to control the direction of the pass. When passing to the right, use the joystick to the right, and vice versa.


For example:

  • When throwing to the right, use the left joystick to the right to lead the receiver away from defenders.
  • When throwing to the left, use the left joystick to the left for the same effect.


Pass leading is especially effective against tight coverage, preventing defenders from making a play on the ball.


Tip 3. Route Combinations

Learning effective route combinations can help you exploit defensive weaknesses and gain yardage efficiently. Focus on plays that create favorable matchups, such as bunch formations with corner and flat routes. Here's a powerful strategy:


  • Choose formations with three receivers bunched up on one side.
  • Look for plays where the middle receiver runs a corner route and the inside receiver runs a flat route.
  • Place the outside receiver (B receiver) on a streak to stretch the defense vertically.
  • Motion the streaking receiver towards the sideline if needed to manipulate coverage.
  • This combination often beats zone coverage, offering options for both the corner and flat routes.


Tip 4. Blocking

To give yourself more time in the pocket, learn how to utilize your running back for blocking. This can be especially effective against aggressive blitzes:


  • Press the button for the running back to block (usually Triangle or Y) to give your quarterback more time.
  • Identify incoming blitzes and prioritize blocking for the most dangerous rushers.


Tip 5. Taking Check Downs

Sometimes, it's better to take the safe, short pass rather than forcing a deep throw. Check downs, like flat routes and drag routes, can keep the chains moving and set up manageable third-down situations:


  • Identify open check-down options when deeper routes are covered.
  • Gain yards after the catch and keep the offense moving.


Tip 6. Throwing the Ball Away

Learning when and how to throw the ball away is a crucial skill to prevent negative plays:


  • Click the right joystick to throw the ball away when outside the pocket to avoid sacks and prevent intentional grounding.
  • When in the pocket, you can throw the ball away if you have a receiver near the sideline, avoiding intentional grounding penalties.


Tip 7. Skill-Based Passing 

Consider adjusting your passing settings for even more control and precision:


  • In the settings menu, adjust the passing type to "placement" or "placement and accuracy."
  • Experiment with different free-form distances (near or far) to find what works best for your style.
  • Adjust the passing speed setting to suit your preferences (between 7 and 10).


Mastering these advanced settings can take your passing game to an even higher level, allowing you to place the ball exactly where you want it.



Remember, becoming a better passer takes practice and patience. Keep refining your skills, learning from your mistakes, and incorporating these tips into your gameplay. With dedication and effort, you'll soon see improvements in your passing accuracy and overall Madden performance. Good luck with the virtual gridiron!

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